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    Can you overcharge your phone?


      I just got a Blackberry Bold and want to maximize the battery life. I normally set my phone on the charger every night and will recharge during the day at work when the battery starts to decrease. Is there such thing as "overcharging"?

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          Technially yes, you can overcharge your battery. If you charge it too much it can actually make the battery worse. To maximize battery life, it is good to let your phone completely die about one or twice a month and then give it a full recharge.

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            I have an LG VX6100 since 2004.  Actually I have an exact like-new replacement as well as additional battery and other accessories purchased on eBay over the years.  My wfie just bought an LG Octane today.


            I have never heard of overcharging the 6100 although I heard you shouldn't plug it back in if it has just been fully charged.  The sales persons specifically told my wife to not charge the Octane for more than 4 hours or it would overcharge.


            What's the real scoop (not that I don't believe the previous reply).


            Bernie in CT

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              The truth about rechargable batteries is this.  The older, NiCad or Nickle Cadmium batteries were suseptible to memory loss when recharging.  That is to say, if you did not let those batteries fully discharge before recharging, after a while those batteries would lose the ability to maintain a good charge.  With the newer Lithium Ion batteries, like the batteries found in all new Blackberry devices, you do not have to worry about memory build-up.  You can place your phone on the charger and not worry about it.  If your phone is new, it probably is a good idea to allow it to get down to the point of about 5% before recharging to 100% the first couple of times.  I would also check my owner's manual for what ever cell phone you buy and follow the manufacturer's advice on battery care.  Hope this helps.




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                just received my new replacement phone and it says to charge the battery for 12 hours before activating. is this nessassary?

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                  Thank you to all the community members who have replied.


                  Hello bobzgirl,

                  It is recommended to follow the instructions you were given for the battery charge. I would suggest you charge your battery until it says it's fully charge.