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    LG vortex transfer pics and data to sd card help


      I cant receive or send texts because i have an error message saying my phone memory is too full. I keep running into this problem I have deleted things I probably shouldnt have, However I noticed that my pictures and videos are not saved on my sd card. Does anyone know how to transfer those and other things to my sd card so that I can have my phone memory back? Help I need my phone memory back asap 

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          Hello mykids3,


          The best way to transfer your pictures to the memory card on this device is by using the mass storage mode with your PC. You can set the device to mass storage mode by connecting the device to the PC first. Then open the notification panel by sliding down from the top of the screen downward like a curtain. Touch USB Connection Mode > select Mass Storage Mode. Once you have done so, your device will appear as an additional drive under My Computer, usually the next available letter. 


          You can double click your device & double click the My Pictures folder from the device memory. Once in this folder you can drag & drop the pictures from the folder to your PC or memory card's My Picture folder, I recommend the desktop. Then unplug your phone & verify that your phone has more memory available. If you have a PC that reads memory card directly, you can plug up your card and drag & drop to the card. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reply to this post.


          Hope this helps...