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    Transfer Verizon Account


      My children are on my mother's Verizon account , because at the time they got cell phones I did not have a Verizon account. I do have a Verizon account now and I just want to transfer my children's cell phones to my account. They both still have time on there 2yr contracts ...One has 5 months left and one has 9 months left. My Verizon account is for the UM150 USB modem  , but it looks like Verizon looks at that just like a cell phone because of the phone number assigned to the device when I purchased it. If anyone could give me some information because every time me or my mother calls a Verizon customer service to get help ....well nobody seems to know anything....And all I want to do is TRANSFER the phones from her acct. To my acct. .....I want to keep the same packages and everything .....I don't understand why no one at Verizon can give us a answer. PLEASE HELP :smileyhappy:

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          You can call Verizon and say you want to do an "Assumption of Liability" for those lines. Since you don't have a calling plan you'll need to add that, and your mother will need to release the lines to you.
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            Thank You so much for that information.  We are going to call Verizon and try to do the AOL . I hate to say it , but dealing with Verizon customer service has become just like dealing with the IRS , its never a good experience and we never seem to get any where but I'm going to cross my fingers and give it a shot.