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    Text history


      Is there a way to view sent and received text messages after they have been deleted from the phone (inbox, sent, received etc)?  Perhaps a place in my account online.  I need to check some messages sent/received from my son's phone about 7 days ago.

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          The only way you can view the message would be with a court order and verizon only keeps the messages for about 10 days.

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            Thanks Minniehaha for your response. Additionally, I would like to add in order for you  to retrieve text message content you would need a search warrant. Text messages are retained approximately 3-5 days but never more than 10 days. If you would like to review text message details such as the date and time of the messages that were sent and received you can login to My Verizon.





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              So if a person deletes calls and text messages from their phone, it deletes them from the history/bill?  I have noticed looking at my families account history that a call will show up with date and time and how long the call was, but no number.  The next day I look and there's no history of the call being made at all.  How are you supposed to tell if calls have been deleted?  Is there anyway of comparing minutes used and minutes shown?



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                The call history, although deleted from the phone, will still be available on the account owner's MyVerizon account. Calls will show up with no number initially, then within 24 hours or so will have the numbers available. If the call was made or received on a phone on your account, it WILL be in the call log online.

                As far as text messages, the date, time, and numbers involved in the text message will show, but the content of the messages is available only with a court order, or viewing them on the device itself.

                Once the bill generates, you should have the complete record of calls for the billing cycle. The current usage online is not real time and seems to be inconsistent in the information it provides.