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    Droid X2 Battery life?


      I'm lucky enough to get 5 hours on a charge, and for some reason other people get great battery life. I've got maximum battery saver on, brightness down to 20%. What else can I do?

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          Make sure you turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when not using them.  Also, having a lot of widgets will drain battery faster, as well as having apps that sync too often.  Also, depending on your usage (light, medium, heavy), your mileage can vary quite a bit.  And, if you have poor signal, you may not get as good of battery life.

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            You are probably going to have to get extended battery, the DX battery life wasn't great until I got the extended battery...  And you have to keep in mind you have a dual core processor and higher res screen, the two items that was upgraded will be the biggest impact on battery..

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              Yeah. I have all that off. Just 3G on, and I live ina 3G area so my signal is a constant 3-4 bars. As for widgets, all I have is google search and weather.

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                Is there like a larger cap battery that's the same size as the battery that comes with the DX2?

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                  if it's like the dx, the ext batt is larger.

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                    I've had my X2 for a month and a half (OEM battery, charger & car charger) and have read much on ways to manage battery life. While I've had some success, I'm most frustrated by strange phenomena that the phone can be fully charged, and plugged in to the car charger with Bluetooth to the sound system BUT, if using GPS & Google or Mapquest or AAA etc navigation, the battery still discharges in short order, so after an hour or two, if I unplug it from the car charger, its at the 15% warning level!!!???


                    Verizonin in essence tells me that is the way it is....but this seems absurd, that the car charger won't  at least maintain the charge at the level it was when plugged in.  A store rep suggested turning down the screen, which I haven't tried...but even that solution defeats the purpose of phone as visual navigation system.   Anyone else experience this or have ideas?  Extended battery might help, but no reason to think this would help too much on the drain speed.  BTW, the agent also suggested (off the record) getting a non OEM charger, that would not have the charging 'governor' and might at least keep up with the drain.   


                    I'm just starting to search forums and will visit Motorola's and other forums too.   Thanks in advance.   

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                      Yes, your charger isn't keeping up with the phone. I'd use the OEM Motorola car charger, not the generic ones, not even the Verizon-branded one. They can be had new on EBay for $12-$14 bucks. This is the car charger with the cool "M" logo that lights up a nice blue light when plugged in. I usually get 3 or 4 of 'em at a time.

                      Hope this helps,
                      Geri O
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                        Oh, and there are, of course, some batteries out there that claim to be the extended battery while being the exact size as the OEM battery. Moto, naturally, advises against using anything but their OEM batteries. Do a search for extended batteries.

                        Your call there,
                        Geri O
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                          I agree with Gerio - do NOT use the Verizon car charger...  The MOTO one (blue Moto) is the best and very reasonably priced on Amazon.com.  I've been on 9 hour car trips and have NEVER drained my battery - even partially ... It tops at 100% and stays there the entire time.  Also, the Verizon one introduces horrific high-pitch "interference" if you listen to any AM radio (e.g., sports, talk, etc.)

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