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    SmartPhone with Best Call/Voice Quality


      I'm doing some research for one of the executives in our company. He is still using a basic cell phone and one of his biggest reasons for holding off on a smartphone is that he doesn't want to lose any call quality or voice quality by moving to a smartphone. He's at a point where I think he would really benefit from the email features on a smartphone, perhaps more than anything else but I need to make sure, as much as possible, that he will not be disappointed with the call, voice, or sound quality.


      I wouldn't even bother to post here if I felt his concerns are unwarranted. I've heard complaints before about certain smartphones. Usually it has to do with not being able to raise volume levels high enough, too much background noise/feedback, or dropped calls.


      I personally use a BlackBerry tour and I don't have any complaints about mine. However, I don't use the phone as much as I use data and text. I have heard others complain that the Tour's volume does not go loud enough but I basically never use my phone in noisy situations. I feel like I'm unqualified to quell my bosses concerns about call and voice quality so I'm posting here in hopes I can get some feedback from others who care about call and voice quality.


      I'd love to hear from anyone who can give feedback (good or bad) on call or voice quality of the different smartphones.