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    Problems with Droid 2 Global


      I'll try and make the back story short.


      Upgraded to a "certified" Droid 2 in January (2011).  A few weeks after I received it, the phone started getting extremely hot.  I took it out of my pocket and set it on my purse to cool (I was indoors anyways).  Came back to it 30 min later and it was still hot.  All of the sudden a message warning about the temperature came up, and I had to shut  down the phone.


      Took it to a Verizon store and they said they had never seen/heard of that happening.  So they order me another "certified" device.  I get that phone, and a day or two later when I tried to use the camera the screen was black.  It was like the shutter was totally broken.  I take it back to the Verizon store again.  They order me yet another "certified" phone.


      Since I have had that one, the phone still gets hot.  A few weeks ago, I left my phone to charge overnight and the next morning the phone had not charged at all!  I tried the charger in different outlets and even on the car charger.  NOTHING.  So I make a stop on my way to work, come out 15-20 minutes later and plug it in to the car charger and it starts to charge!  THE PHONE WAS TOO HOT TO CHARGE!  I took it to the Verizon store and all they could do was order me another "certified" phone.  I refused and wanted to talk to someone who could do something more.  They ended up giving me a new battery.


      I then installed an application to monitor battery temperature.  With some use (not heavy), the battery has gotten up to 114 degrees!  I don't know, but I don't think a battery should be getting that hot.  Also, the phone is starting to reboot itself randomly.  Sometimes I have to tap several times on the screen to get an app to open up.  The phone freezes and I have to shut it down and turn it back on. 


      And over this weekend, a new problem has come up.  At the top of my screen it gives me the little icon that text messages have not been sent.  I've deleted every text message, and as soon as I go back into it the icon comes back up again.


      All Verizon will do now is send me yet another "ceritfied" phone.  Either that or I can go through the manufacturer.  I have told them I do not want another one of these devices since I've had nothing but problems with their "certified" phones.  I was also told that I could do a "trade-in" on my phone, which is only $72.00.  I would still have to pay full price for a new phone.


      Anyways, the point of all this is has anybody had problems like this with a Droid 2 and/or one of Verizon's "certified" phones???

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          There is another option that they may not have mentioned.  You can purchased a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) device which is a whole lot cheaper than full retail. There are 3 major benefits to purchasing one: 


          1) It doesn't extend your contract or affect your eligibility for an upgrade.

          2) You get a 1-year warranty on the phone.

          3) You can add insurance or an extended warranty, just like a new phone.  


          There's one other great benefit to doing this:  This is a purchase; not a trade.  So you get to keep your Droid 2, use it as a backup, sell it, trade it in, etc.  


          If you're interested in another Droid phone, here's some options that I know we have in stock as of today:


          Droid X: $229.99 - Full retail value was $559.99!

          Droid Eris: $169.99- Full retail value - $469.99

          Blackberry Curve 8530: $139.99- Full retail value - $359.99


          You can call any customer service agent to order these phones. We have feature phones too, just ask what options are available if you're interested.  If you combine the CPO purchase with a trade-in that will make the phone even cheaper!


          I hope this answers your question.





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            My Droid 2 Global is a "Certified Pre-Owned" device.  I will NEVER buy another "Certified Pre-Owned" device again.


            These phones go through a "100 point check".  I was sent one of these devices with a defective camera on it.  Obviously, a "point" was missed somewhere.


            I still want to know if any other users are having similar issues with their devices.

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              And I just figured out why I was unable to get my data on my phone.  Somehow the "Data Roaming" box was unchecked.  I know I did not do it.  Wondering how this box "magically" unchecked itself.

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                I am having the same problems (overheating and sudden reboots) on my Motorola DROID (original).

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                  I am having the same overheating and charging problems on my 2nd global 2... it is new as of today because my old one had overheating/charging issues... i am beyond frustrated

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                    I got the Droid 2 Global #1 for my Valentine’s day present  & it was my first smart phone.  By the beginning of May I had my face on fire a few times (internal temp app read 137 degrees) I was running Froyo Unrooted.  I reported this to Verizon & they sent me a replacement #2. It came in one day &  I started putting all of my apps onto this one. Within a couple of days this one was also heating up so I called Verizon back & they said they would ship another one out #3. I received this one in a day as well & started adding my apps & the phone worked OK for a couple of months. By July it was heating up & rebooting itself so I called Verizon again. They said they had no idea why this was happening & that the battery was probably messed up & to try a new one. So I bought one for 30 bucks & the same problems persisted. They finally agreed to send me another replacement phone #4. It worked well until the beginning of October. I encountered the same problems & got ANOTHER replacement phone#5. The replacement I received had a busted speaker & the music sounded like **** so they sent out another one the next day#6. When that one arrived the LCD screen was cracked & the liquid was actually leaking out. The last “tech” I talked to said he would call me after a few days to make sure the new phone was OK when I told him the new phone was sent with a cracked screen he told me to wait it out, cause it would fix itself RIDICULOUS I KNOW…. I finally called back & explained that the screen would keep getting worse & after a month they would tell me I had broken it & would have to buy a new phone & I was DEMANDING another replacement. They said I was eligible for an upgrade but I hadn’t even had this phone for a year & I wasn’t going to buy another one. They, for some reason, couldn’t understand this.  Finally they agreed to send me YET ANOTHER DROID 2 GLOBAL…. **bleep** am I supposed to do.?.?.> My husband bought me the original on Valentine ’s Day with his upgrade discount. I have promised that he gets my upgrade & even if he didn’t want it I WOULD NOT USE IT TO GET A NEW PHONE. I think Verizon owes me a droid 3 or something comparable…??