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    Is anyone else not getting voicemail notifications?


      Apparently this just started recently, I've never had a problem with missed calls/voicemails before. I left my phone in my car while at a doctor's appointment, and when I came back I had a missed call and voicemail notification. Called my voicemail to check it, and saw that I had 4 unheard voicemails from the previous week. I never got a call, missed call, or voicemail notification for ANY of these. They were all on different days last week. (The voicemail that got the notification and missed call to show was a pocket dial from a friend during my doctor's appointment, by the way - that call and voicemail came through as it should)


      Normally I don't get upset about these issues, as I know it is a piece of technology and makes mistakes. However, ALL 4 of my missed voicemails were potential employers. Because I didn't get ANY notification or call, I have missed all 4 opportunities.


      My phone is ALWAYS on loud with all notification sounds on (As I said, never had a problem with this before. I've always had my calls come through and gotten voicemail notifications right away) I do *228 option 2 every couple weeks, even though my reception is great everywhere I go. I checked the times on the voicemails I missed, and I was home for every single one. I rarely talk on the phone, so I doubt it was an issue of me being on the phone and missing it. Even still, I should have gotten a notification.


      I haven't added any new apps in over a month.


      Does anyone have any ideas??