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    Weird... Stock ringtones missing?


      I have had crazy issues with my Droid X and connectivity. I thought it was the phone, but later learned it was my Fios router that was causing all the havoc. Long story short, in trying to get the phone working again, I had to do a factory reset. After the reset, all my stock ringtones are missing. What gives? Should I reset again? Or *could* this all be repaired if/when the Gingerbread update is available? 


      Honestly, if the update will fix things, I would rather not mess with it. Its on the way, right? LOL

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          We're sorry to learn your stock ringtones have gone missing. After doing some research, I found these steps I would like you to take to retrieve these tones: 


           - If you have a browser other than the stock version, delete it

           - Clear the cache of any of your larger applications (clearing all cache would not hurt and may be more beneficial)

           - Your stock ringtones will then appear on your device


          In closing, I am pleased to tell you that Gingerbread is available as of this morning. To retrieve, tap: 


          Menu>Settings>About Phone>System Updates


          The software will take a few minutes to download, after which, you will receive a message that it needs to be installed. Click "OK" and you will see the installation screen. This will again take a few minutes, then your phone will power itself off, then back on. I am in the process of downloading this myself at the time this message is typed. 


          We hope you enjoy your new software!