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    Not receiving some text messages on Samsung Fascinate


      I have had my phone for a little over two weeks now, and it was brought to my attention that I have not been receiving some of my text messages. When I check my account usage, however, the messages appear to be received by my number. Now that I know the problem exists, I have been checking my usage and finding that it has been happening at least once a day (for a few messages) every day this week.


      I called tech support last night and spoke to a specialist who had me do the following:

      - Remove the battery while the phone was on, wait 20 sec, put it back in and turn it on

      - Verify that I am not using an advanced task killer

      - Delete all text messages from phone to possibly clear memory

      - Dial *228 to reprogram my phone

      - Text some of my usual contacts and a verizon test phone to see if I received responses (I did)


      The phone was working fine when I got off the call, but since the problem has been intermittent, I had no way of knowing if it was resolved. This morning I am back to only receiving some of my text messages. Do I need a new phone? Is anyone else having this problem?? Please help! I use my phone for work and it's very unprofessional to look like I am ignoring messages. Thanks!

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          I am having the same exact problem with the same phone. I took it to vw couple of days ago and all they did was factory reset the phone. The problem is still occuring so I am going to visit again. Messaging is very important to me and it is a great problem if i don't get one out of every twenty messages. It is also annoying to have to check every minute online my usage details to make sure. They said if the factory reset didn't work though, it's probably because of the wireless connection.

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            There are a couple of things we would want to check out to isolate the issue. Is this with out of network numbers?  I know you mentioned that you have had the phone for approximately 2 weeks.  Did you port your number to Verizon Wireless from another carrier? It may be network related and fixable via a trouble ticket.  


            If this issue is still occurring, can you document at least 3 instances that someone stated they sent you a text message, and you didn't get it and PM me with your cell number so I can get in touch with you?


            I look forward to your response!


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              I have had my fascinate for about 9 months now, in the last 2 months or so I have found that I am sending text messages and they are not going through. This is to both Verizon cell # & non Verizon. Then when I realize they haven't gone through I turn my phone off & power it back on and all the texts messages get sent at once & arrive in a jumbled mess. The 1st tine this happened was in mid March- they stopped sending late on a Fri and it was Sat afternoon before I realized I wasn't getting replies. I just took my phone in 2 weeks ago because I had a camera issue, screen was missing pixels? But only on the camera screen, they replaced it for me, and I again had the text issue just 3 days ago when I was tetxing my husband, who is on the same plan of course & other friends. I have been with Verizon for over 10 years, same number, and its now happened on 2 seperate phones in my case.


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                I don't get texts from my wife, and she is in network. I don't get emails for days on end. This froyo update is unsat.....and it took six months longer than promised to boot! I am taking my phone back for adifferent droid. Mine worked great for nine months until the new update. I even got a factory refurbished phone, now have more problems then when I started!
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                  This is also happening to me. I got a refurbished phone in the mail two days ago and now i am not getting text messages from one person. Everyone else's text are coming through. It also happenes to be the person who is on my family plan. And if you look at there data usage it says that they are getting all of my text but they arnt even sending me any, But they showed me there phone and they have been answering them all. And we tried sending my phone multiple messages and his phone says they went through but i never recieve them. 

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                    I too am having the problem where I've sent texts (to my family - on my plan, as well as random other people) and the texts aren't going through.  I've powered down, removed the battery, and they still are not receiving my texts.  From my end it appears as though the texts have gone through.  This is just the latest problem with this update.  I am so angry and frustrated with my phone now and with whoever allowed this **** update to be distributed to the masses...

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                      Count me in for not receiving some text messages from a Family Plan/In-Network/Fascinate (my wife's Fascinate to my Fascinate).


                      My wife was not too happy that I didn't get the text, because she was trying to tell me to not come home from work too early, because she was actually setting up my surprise Birthday party.  Since I did not get the text, I spoiled her surprise party plans by arriving home early.  Thanks Verizon Wireless and Samsung. :womanmad:


                      - Tim

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                        Droid Usrr

                        This is not a problem with the phone itself, it appears to be a problem in the Android OS. If you search through the other Android Forums, you will see people complaining about the same thing with their phone. There are other threads on the Fascinate Forums that talk about the issues, and that others are experiencing it also. I was told that Google knows of the problem.

                         I am one of them with the problem.

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                          There is a software update for the Fascinate that was released today. Please try the update and let us know if this resolves your text messaging issues. To manually start the update, go to Settings>About phone>System updates>Check New.



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