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    Mifi2200 Overage Charges


      When I signed up for the Mifi2200 I specifically asked when the Mifi charged minutes, that is, did it begin charging as soon as it was online? With both lights on?  Or did  it charge only when data was being transmitted and that data would be either uploaded or downloaded from any computer connected or a small "keep alive" signal from the Mifi itself.  I was told by the telephone sales person/technician and a second level technician that billing only occured when a computer was transmitting or receiving data bits.  My suprise?? When I found that I had a horribly large overage bill from the Mifi2200 being plugged into the electric outlet and no computer connected.  VZ was quick to tell me that they would certainly cut my bill in half if I would just agree to the next highest billing level.  This quickness has me thinking that there must be others out there, who are not dumb about data transmission, who have been burned by VZ.  LeslieJ