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    Want to switch to Verizon


      Maybe someone can help me out...I'd love to switch to Verizon for my cell service but the plans seem to be nowhere near competitive with other carriers ranging from 31%-43% higher rates.  I get 25% off Verizon, AT&T, Sprit, 15% off T-mobile thru my employer.


      I currently pay $68.49 for 450 anytime, 2GB data, unlimited texting and unlimited mobile calling to any network on AT&T.


      I don't need more than 200-300 anytime minutes what I do need is to be able to call other cell phones on any network as much as I need to.


      It would appear I have to sign up for 900 anytime at Verizon to get the friends and family feature, with data my bill ends up at $89/month after discount (from $110)


      Here are my other options

      AT&T 450anyime/2GB data/Unlim. Mobile and tesxt $68.74

      Sprint 450 anyime/Unlimited Data, Mobile and Text $62.49

      Tmob Unlimited everything for                                       $68



      WHAT AM I MISSING??? Maybe there is some trick or option I can't find but how are the other major carriers all almost the same price (you know compettive.....) and Verizon isnt?




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          AT&T does not have unlimited mobile-to-mobile to ANY network with their 450 minute plan. 

          Per the AT&T website:

          Unlimited calling to other AT&T wireless customers with Mobile to Mobile while in the U.S.


          Verizon has a similar mobile-to-mobile 'in network' unlimited allowance.  Apparently you call mostly AT&T folks as you indicate you save as much as 600 minutes per month with this feature.  If that is the case, then maybe it is cheaper for you to stay with AT&T or choose one of the other carriers.

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            I'm not familiar with T-Mobile because it doesn't cover my area, but of the other three providers, Sprint has traditionally been the least expensive. However, now Sprint requires the $10 premium 4G data charge per month, regardless of whether your phone is 3G or 4G -- that is added after your employee discount is applied. That brings the price to within a few dollars of what I'm paying with Verizon, once I factor in a higher employee discount with Verizon than with Sprint.


            Even without F&F, I don't come close to using my minutes, because almost everyone I know is on Verizon. But, as Spiral said, if you call a lot of AT&T customers, maybe that's a less expensive option for you. Or Sprint may be as well, because you can get unlimited mobile-to-mobile on any carrier.


            I pay a little more per month for Verizon's coverage and customer service and I highly recommend it. But there may be another carrier who provides those things in your area. Good luck deciding! You have 14 days to try Verizon's service, but I believe the other carriers are all still 30 days.

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              Verizon is the best, not the cheapest.
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                jimfitzgerald wrote:
                Verizon is the best, not the cheapest.

                Agreed. One time some months ago i did some caparison between all four major carriers and verizon still came cheaper. do i have some other features that the majority of vzw users dont really need or use once in a while.

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                  Actually they do, its included in their unlimited text plan that I have.  I typically will only use up about 100-150 anytime minutes a month.  All other calls are to mobiles and typically rack up to about 1,500 or so. 




                  Unfortunately I don't have a single friend or family member on Verizon, they're all AT&T except the woman who's on Sprint.

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                    @Spring 4g charge comment....with my discount the total is $62.49/month AFTER the $10 4G surcharge which puts Verizon 42% higher per month for me...I get 25% off Spring and Verizon though it appears Verizon isn't discounting the data package.


                    I realize all my calling is to AT&T since everyone under the sun I know has a freaking Iphone but I want LTE! Well thats if they Verizon bothers with a dual core LTE phone... :smileyhappy:

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                      Actually according to the latesst brochure, for an additional $20 ATT has unlimited mobile to any mobile on any network, and that also comes with unlimited messaging as well.  You can add that $20 feature to any individual rate plan, or you can add it onto a family plan for $30.

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                        Rip OFFS 89.78 for a 2 week trial period!

                        my monthly service was one 99.00 a mos

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                          starcraftdrumz wrote:


                          Rip OFFS 89.78 for a 2 week trial period!

                          my monthly service was one 99.00 a mos

                          Like with ANY carrier...  It's prorated...  When you only take two weeks you get 1/2 of what you initially started with.  If you are not careful you WILL have overages...  Doesn't matter Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile...