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    bad service and no service


      I've read these posts and at least now I know I'm not alone. Thank goodness for that, not that I would want anyone to have the problems I'm having, mind you. I was completely and utterly satisfied with Alltel. They treated me with the utmost respect as I did them, and the huge monthly bill I pay probably helped. LOL! I have almost no service most of the time and calls drop, my bars on the phones we have (3) are pretty much non existent. I called and of course, complained. I was FINALLY told that I need to upgrade my phones to Verizon phones! There is nothing wrong with my Alltel phones, one is brand new and hasn't been activated yet!!! But, being a somewhat kind soul, I agreed to do so AND sign a two year contract for each BUT I refuse to have to pay out of pocket for phones that list as free on line. I can't get the deal in a store so I am forced to get them online.


      While chatting earlier today, the Verizon rep, Heather, (I'm sure it's not her real name) terminated the chat right in the middle of our conversation saying she doesn't have access. Whoa!


      This is most frustrating and I want my ALLTEL BACK!!!  Whoever had the illustrious idea to merge can't possibly possess a full deck. I was in disbelief/frustrated/upset/angry in that order. Hopefully, they will fix this. I asked for a tech rep and told them I want a 'ticket' as suggested in this forum. I was put on hold for quite a while and notified periodically that they were still working on my solution. They decided they would help me after all. How's that for speed?


      Situation is a real one. I am PAYING almost $200 per month and getting NOTHING but headaches. All I wanted on my 'ticket' was a field rep to fix the tower so I can use my phones as I should be able to. There has to be some policy somewhere, somehow that is against that.


      I don't feel much better, I thought I would...

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          I'm waiting to see what happens after all the towers are updated. You do realize that a comparable VZW plan is more than your Alltel plan. That is not a viable solution for me so I'm waiting.
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            Alltelgirl, where are you located?
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              Exactly!!! I have been round and round with the reps! I've had it. They are too expensive and not only that they want me to pay top price to upgrade when it's THEIR fault I can't get good service like with ALLTEL. sheesk!
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                Lake Wales, Florida
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                  Try *228, option 2. If you get an Alltel greeting, hang up and try again. If you get a VZW greeting update away and see if things improve. Updating to an Alltel greeting does nothing to help. Customer service told me that issue may be due to high call volume. I know earlier in the week they were still getting towers switched over. *228, option 2 to a VZW greeting seems toi have made my service better.
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                    I have similar issues in NE Ohio only that the VZW signal is almost dead since the Alltell deal (used to be very usable and stable). Tech support gives the same runaround and always has a different story that conflicts with previous stories. I am 1/2 mile from a verified VZW cell site and yet try to access a site over 25 miles away! Why can't I connect with a local tower? For the last two months, I have suffered terribly intermittent connections and signals. 8 different phones and 6 different customers have had the same poor signal within this coverage area.  

                    As a result, I began new service with another carrier in the area and have had great signals and call stability. My family and friends will probably be switching at the end of their contracts.
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                      not only is the signal weaker, the cost is higher for less service than with alltel and the internet speed is a joke.  I'm at $200 for what I paid $125 before and the technical "support" team is rude as can be.
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                        I am glad to see I am not the only one having issues.  I have been an alltel customer for over 5 years.  I have 5 phones on a family plan and spend over 300.00 per month with these people.  I moved to Arcadia 3 years ago.  I was able to sit in my living room, or lay on my bed and use my Alltel phone.  I had three kids living at home, and each had a Alltel phone, they all worked here.  They might drop a call every now and again, but we had service.  About six month ago, we don't get service anywhere in town.  I have to travel  4 miles west of our city to get service now.  Everywhere in town our phones say Searching for service.  I have talked to several Alltel rep's, who tell me this is a fringe area and they cannot promise service here.  I asked what changed, and they tell me that they don't know.  I contacted Version's Corp. office and was contacted by a Karen Razer who told me that there was nothing she could do and I should seek another provider. {edited for privacy} She did say she would cancel my contract so I could changes providers, but I have spent quite a bit of money buying these phone's.  I would at least like to know what changed. 


                        What is really bad is all the commercials that Version has about no dead zones and the biggest network in the US, Maybe so, but my phones at least worked before Version bought Alltel.

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                          I AM IN HOMOSASSA FL AND IF I HEAR ONE MORE PERSON SAY *228 OPTION 2    I AM GOING TO PULL MY HAIR OUT.............................................I WANT A REAL ANSWER NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.........................$300 A MONTH 4 LINES I DEMAND SERVICE....................JUST THE SERVICE THAT I HAD FOR MONTHS WITH ALLTEL WITH MINOR PROBLEMS......................AND THE SERVICE I PAY FOR .............................NO MORE 228 BULL