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    No internet with Droid X2


      First question is this phone WiFi ONLY? My old phone which was a blackberry could access the internet at my house without all this wifi, tethering, etc nonsense.


      I cannot get any WiFi connection at my house. Is there a way to connect to net without WiFi or am I going to have to get a different phone?

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          You have a Droid X2 ? Internet access is via EITHER WiFi (if you turn it on) or the 3G data connection. If you turn WiFi on, it won't use 3G ...  So make sure WiFi is turned OFF to use 3G.


          Of maybe you have an incorrect SETTING ?   Settings / Wireless & Network Settings /  Mobile Networks  ...  do you have that in HOME ONLY or Automatic?  Should be AUTO.

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            There's no 3G symbol next to the signal bars at the top of phone display? The phone has been activated properly? Dial * 228, option 1 to reprogram the phone to Verizon network.

            Start there and see what happens.
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              No 3g symbol. Mobile networks set to auto, wifi off, still nothing. I will try to reactivate it again and or do a factory reset.

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                Very strange ...  yea, I'd try that *228 + 1 thing (again).  Also, option 2 will reset your "tower access" points. But you should AT least have a 3G signal to start with. Where did you get the phone? a Verizon store? online?  if none of that works and it's brand new  (<14 days old), I'd take it to verizon and get a new replacement. If > 14 days, you can get a CPO.

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                  From Verizon online, should have known it was messed up when it was dialing 1 by itself repeatedly when I firsted started the phone up. Most likely sending it back ive done it all and still no 3g.

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                    Have you tried a HARD RESET? 


                    Boot in Recovery Mode Wipe: - Wipes system configuration settings and loads default settings but keeps personal data saved on system, normally used to recover from a none boot status without loosing personal data.  There is times that Personal Data gets wiped also with this process..

                    Power Device Off First.....

                    1. Hold Home Button and press power

                    2. Screen will show a Android with a triangle with astrick

                    3. Let Go of Home Button and Power

                    4. Press Search Button (Far RIGHT Button)

                    5. A blue menu will show at top of page, scroll to Format Device

                    6. Select Yes to verify

                    7. Allow format to complete (Information at bottom of page will go through a few steps)

                    8. Once Format is complete Blue Menu will show at top again, select Reboot


                    Note: Use volume up and down to select opinion and use camera button as Enter,,,


                    (thanks Wildman)

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                      Im thinking network issue I had no 3g or 1 x by the bars last night either for about 6 hrs but could still call and text but the web didn't work unless on wifi about 5am today it stopped and went to normal maybe it was network maintenance
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                        Thank you everyone for the information provided. Rkin56, is the Internet on your device still not working after following the steps provided by the community? If so, please send me a private message with your mobile number and I will contact you directly to resolve this issue. 


                        Thank you, 




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                          I am having a similar issue. No internet since morning of 5/25. Have tried the recommendations here and all three connection types (global, coma, amt). I am travelling, but problem started before I left home. Wifi, phone, and text ok. Lenna can you help?
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