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    adding minutes to a prepaid cell phone


      can i add another prepaid card to my girl friends cell, she has a prepaid card she bought at meijer and when she needs minutes they just swipe it and she pays for it. can i buy another card like it and add it to her cell and load it the same way . on the back of her card there is a ten diget number she had to enter to get it to work, if we can add another card and u enter the new ten diget number will it erase the one she has in there for her card now, im on the road alot and would like to add minutes for her as a gift at times. she does have a verizon account .

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          You can add minutes to her card but she will have to give you her 4 digit security code. When you add minutes to her account it will not erase the amount she had in her account it will add minutes but it will not effect the due date for when her account has to be renewed, it will still have to be renewed on her due date no matter how much money you put into her account before the due date.