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    Security Deposit Refund


           So a few months ago I started my own individual plan and had to put down a hefty $400 deposit due to not having any credit but a week afterwards I changed it to a family plan and made the other person the account owner. I was told Verizon would refund my deposit and part of the bill because of the days I had not used but I'm not sure how this all works.. Today in the mail I got a billing statement that says I have $470 in credit balance but my bill isn't affected by it, my bill is still what it would be without a credit so could the letter actually be a check for $470? I really doubt it's a check because it doesn't say pay to the order of or anything like that. Any help would be appreciated, it's a lot of money and I just want to make sure I get it back.. Thanks

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          Are you sure that there wasn't a past due amount? Try looking over the bill again


          Verizon will never give you a check, its always a credit on the bill. I got double charged once and still only got a credit lol


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                 I'm sure it isn't a past due payment, it says on the statement do not pay. But I was specifically told I would receive my money back in check form since that's how security deposits are handled after one year on the contract when Verizon gives it back. I just don't have to wait a year since I made my plan a family plan and released the ownership to the other line.

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              When you transferred the account to someone else's name, VzW treats your account as a closed account. They released the security deposit as a credit on that account. they take like two months after an account closes before they mail out a check for credit balances, but they do eventually mail them out. Call CS after 50 days from your final bill statement, they'll either be able to tell you the date the check was mailed or they can escalate the request to treasury. Prior to 50 days from your final bill statement date, they can't do ANYTHING.
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                Thanks for the information everyone. If you did not have a past due bill and the billing statement you received advises "Do Not Pay" the security would be the refund. 


                Once a refund is approved 90days after your account is closed, your refund will be applied toward the balance on your wireless account and any remaining credit will be sent in the form of a check to the billing address we have on file.