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    Not receiving texts,Phone calls or Voicemails.


      i have had verizon for five years.  About the middle of february 2011 i noticed that my phone after not being used for a while would not receive phone calls or text messages.  i could wake the phone and see 2,3,4 bars try calling it, it will ring three or four time on the calling end then goto voicemail, on the phone end nothing will happen.  i can try calling 5,10,20 times no call goes through.  try sending a text message to my phone and my phone will not receive it. leave a voicemail wont come through, but while all this is going on if i send myself an email it comes right through(yes i know data is through EVDO and voice and text through 1X.  Now if i make a call or send a text or reboot the stuck text messages and voicemails will come pouring through.  I have spoken to technicians, network engineers,corporate executive office techs, tried two different Droids one LG ENV2 all will do the same thing after not sending or receiving texts or calls after a while.  Wiped all the phones reactivated, *228 to death.  Last week VZW refreshed or re provisioned my line,,,still no dice.  I live in the same spot i have, there are three other VZW phones in the same house all with no problems.  it seems like for some reason my account is dropping the 1x connection after non usage after a while then not waking it back up when a phone call or txt message comes through. i have noticed that some times when it wont receive its as though the signal bars wont move like they r frozen.

      VZW is about to let me out of my contract but i was trying to find any last minute ideas before i leave and go somewhere else.


      Thank you

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          Hello bmattox79,


          Based on the info you provided, this may be network related. May I ask have you had a trouble ticket opened about this issue? If so, I can research the status for you. If not, then I can evaluate the transmissions from your device. Please send me a private message & I can research your account.


          Thank you...

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            I am continuing to have the same issues. Verizon has sent me 3 replacement phones...My husband switched me from Alltel to Verizon without my knowledge. The phone he added for me is a Verizon prepaid. Sometimes calls and texts come thru, other times they don't. I have used * 228 so many times to no avail. He has called customer service repeatedly to no avail. I have been job hunting for over 2 years. Hard for possible employers to call if the phone doesn't work. Our local Verizon store told him the prepaid phone could be added to the account. I think they lied !!! They also wouldn't allow me to use my Alltel prepaid phone which had been active for over 4 years ! I am beyond frustrated !!

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              I'm having this same problem... Sometimes I don't get text messages at all, sometimes they come through garbled, and everything after the first couple lines is cut off, thus they are unreadable.


              Why is this happening?

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Good afternoon twoohfour!

                I apologize that you are not getting all of your messages. Is this happening in a specific location, like home or work? What zip code are you located in? With the phone on, please remove the battery (and SIM card if applicable) for 20 seconds then reboot and you should see an improvement in performance. Please keep me posted!

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                  My husband and I have both been having the same types of issues described here for about a year now as well.  We have both since upgraded phones, and still are seeing the same issues.  What's happening is that we are not receiving calls at all (doesn't even show as a missed call) and texts come hours later than when they were sent.  The time/date stamp says "stored" with the original date and time when they finally come through.  The key is that this only happens at our house, and it happens sporadically.  We have service and can call out, but are not receiving them (again, sporadically).  We have been dealing with it, but my husband is ready to change carriers because it's very important that he can be reached because of his job.  I don't want to switch because I have a discount through work, but am concerned that it looks like this is an ongoing issue with Verizon?  I haven't tried removing the battery, but will try that and see how it goes.

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                    Ditto to what is above.  Calls/texts don't go thru, incoming calls don't ring - VM gets left, but no ring.  Texts arrive hours later.  Happens in the house, in town, ???


                    I figured I needed a smart phone.  But my phone is reasonably intelligent.  I don't need a phone with a Phd.  I'm wondering if the added iPhones to Verizon are overloading Verizon's ability to deliver ? ?

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Hello JillMck and Community,

                      Staying in contact via text, calls, voicemails, etc is so important and I'm sorry you all are experiencing these delays. I will be more than happy to provide additional information.

                      Generally when you get voicemails without even getting a phone call or text messages are delayed this is most times related to coverage/network availability. You can check your coverage here: http://bit.ly/ymXLCI

                      Now, it your home area is in a strong coverage area we would definitely want to file a Resolution ticket to our engineers so we can isolate the difficulty. This is done through our Technical Support department.

                      Keep in mind that building structure, terrain, foliage, etc may affect network signal as well. 

                      Please keep us updated!


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                        This apparently is a reoccurring problem. I have to continually apologise for not responding to customers because I did not receive the information in a timely manner (24 hrs).

                        Actually, I finally managed to get an honest tech who told me once again the service in our neighborhood, not area, was marginal at best. They could not identify the reason behind that.

                        I have jumped through more hoops than a circus dog, purchased all of the equipment, reset, powered down, updated, soft and hard reset, traded for "like new" equipment etc, (each time extending my contract for 2 years on 5 lines) and yes, still.... ****** if any service. Marginal is a nice way of saying "Our program doesn't work for you but you are locked in."

                        I am at my wits end. Again, tech and customer service reps are pleasant, I just wish I did not have so many hours of communication with them. Verizon expects, rightfully so, to be paid for their minutes. What about my hours? I just expect my investment to provide the service I pay for.

                        Resolution tickets are a joke. The "Verizon Tech" came to our neighborhood to look for abnormalities (4 years ago after their merger). They found nothing to block a signal. The resolution was, and I quote " Are you on a burial ground?" That was my resolution. The service would seem better some weeks, then disappear. I up graded at that time and hung in there. Several service tickets and a great deal of money, 4 years later we are still having issues. Because I continually buy into this, I am locked in. After 17 years I feel it may be time for a change. Our first Verizon phone came in a case with a carrying strap. Needless to say, we are frustrated.

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                          Having the same problem as the original post. I've been dealing with it for 4 months now. Have been told to "track my missed calls", and "What do I want Verizon to do about it?". I've spent many hours on the phone with Verizon, listening to tech and customer support read to me out of their little handbooks on how to deal with customers. I think I have had every test Verizon has except maybe a Prostate check. Now after 4 months of this, someone tells me I am in a poor signal area, 15 miles from Cincinnati, OH is a poor signal area. So I can get "Can you hear me now at the bottom of the Grand Canyon but not in my own home. Wife and I have the exact same phone, I have a Verizon iPad, no problems except with my phone. Verizon is finally letting me out of my contract, which is really not what I want, but what choice do I have?. I'm not paying for full coverage if I only get coverage half the time. I've been with Verizon for as long as I can remember, I know there are areas that don't get coverage, but in my own home where I've always had coverage. I'm sure phones are better now than they were 10 years ago, so what happened? I'm going shopping tonight for another carrier. The person I talked to told me that was the only answer he had, so he is going to let me out of my contract. That's the best customer service he could come up with?


                          Really bad to lose a customer that really doesn't want to leave.

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