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    MiFi 4510L Problems with 4G connect after a 3G connect


      I have a new (4 day old) Novatel. Worked great for the first day while I was in 4G area. At home we have a weak signal so it picked up and locked onto 3G. The next day back at the office (strong 4g area), it would only lock onto 3G. I took it back to the store, they needed if for a while and called and said it was fixed. It worked until I got home and picked up a 3G signal again. After that, it would not pick up 4G. I figured out how to log into the address and force to LTE, then it would pick up 4G. I reset it to get it back to normal, and all is fine UNTIL I am in a 3G location. Then it is locked onto 3G and I would have to force it back to LTE to get 4G.

      I have a ticket into Verizon for this, but they are very slow at helping. Frustrating!

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          I'm having a similar but not identical problem.  Like you, I solve it by forcing LTE-only.


          In Washington DC, the 4g network held everywhere.  The MiFi didn't lock on 3g anywhere.


          In Los Angeles, it locks onto 3g, and won't find 4g (set on Global).  At my home, it will never find 4g, but if I do a site survey (diagnostics/ modem) it shows 4g signal strength of -40dB to -86dB.


          What gives?  Is it the network causing this, or the MiFi?

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            Interesting!  I have the same problem.  When I drive from a 4G area to a 3G and then back to a 4G, the 4510 will not see the 4G area.  Verizon has a trouble ticket on the problem but says they have no other reports of the issue.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with the issue.


            I have also found that once this has happened (and the unit is "locked" into 3G), the speed gets lower and lower to the point it is unusable.  Today it got down to 0.01 Mbps on downloads!!!!  Verizon has replaced my 4510 TWICE now so I hope they figure this one out pretty soon.


            Am I to understand that forcing the 4510 to "LTE only" fixes the problem and then you can go back to "Global" until the next time you go into a 3G area and then back to a 4G?


            Thanks for any information!!!



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              I just explored the "LTE Only" mode for a few hours at home yesterday.  It worked where I was only able to get 3g before.


              The diagnostics/modem status showed signals as strong as -43 dB, so something is blocking it from switching from 3g to 4g.  Given how well it worked when I was in Washington DC, it may be a market specific issue (or a combined device/ market area) issue.


              We'll have to explore and find out.  It is a PIA to get onto WiFi to adjust it to LTE only..... This will be tough to explain to my technologically impatient spouse.

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                I am among those having issues with the 4150L.  I bought it just as the Verizon 4G network was crashing (back several weeks ago).  However, I reside in Wichita, KS where there is no 4G service.  The 4150L connectivity is awful when set to global (which I assume autoswitches to the fastest available mode).  I have forced the 4150L to 3G, and it works, but not nearly as smoothly as my old Verizon 2200 Mifi - so I am quite disappointed.  The connection logs show very frequent transitions to dormant mode, and the 4150L does seem to take naps - it sometimes takes several browser refreshes to get a page to load.


                I traveled to Phoenix (with 4G coverage) a few weeks ago.  For that trip, I switched back to 'globabl' but did not notice improved performance.  For the next trip to a 4G area, I will try forcing to LTE.


                Overall, I'm very disappointed.  I would revert back to my 2200 Mifi, but I am told that after doing that, I will need a new SIM card to switch back to the 4150L.  I guess I will wait a bit and see if this is a Verizon network problem that they can cure in the coming weeks.  Does anyone think that getting a replacement 4150L will result in any improvement?


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                  I doubt if a replacement would make a difference, I was having the EXACT same issues on both the Samsung and the novatel which leads me to believe it is the network not the device. I switched back to the 2200 until I see some posts that positively state LTE is working for the mifi in an acceptable manor


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                    Here's an update on the problem...  Today, I drove from my normal 4G area into a 3G area.  I did not have the 4510 turned on.  When I arrived in the 3G area, I used the device and it worked as expected at 3G speeds.  I turned the device off and drove back to my home (in the 4G area) and upon powering up the 4510, found the device was "locked" in 3G.  Looking at the diagnostics showed "No LTE Signal".  I forced the device into "LTE Only" and it came up in 4G with a good signal and a speedtest showed over 5 Mbps download which is very good for this location.  I then did a "Reset to Factory Defaults" and the device reset and came back up in "Global" under "WWAN Preferred Mode " but it was now connected to 3G as evidenced by a purple light.  Looking at the diagnostics once again showed "No LTE Signal" and a speedtest showed ~1 Mbps download speed and .5 upload.


                    Clearly there is a problem with the device (software) after you use it on a 3G network.  I certainly hope this gets some attention soon as the only way to use the device now on 4G is to manually set it to LTE only using the browser interface.

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                      Well, since I am not a Verizon phone client and was just a data client, I decided this was too much of a hassle and returned the unit. Mean while I picked up a Sprint Novatel MiFi and it is much more consistent. It switched properly between 3g and 4g. The speeds won't be a blazing fast,, but they are not bad. In my office (Redmond, WA) I get 7 to 10 MBS downloads, and 1 MBS uploads (Sprint limits this). At least it is working like it should.

                      When I took the Verizon modem back, they told me they were aware of the problem. I might have waited if I had know that. All my calls with support and the store made me feel like I was the only one having the problem.

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                        A little more information... in case Verizon is looking at this...


                        I discovered that you can get the device back to its original configuration by doing a HARD reset (with a paper clip) after setting it to LTE only.   Doing a software reset (from within the browser interface) will not reset it with respect to this problem.  I also discovered that if you set the device to LTE only and then go to a 3G only area, it will not connect (as I would expect).  Once in the 3G area, you can set it to EVDO and it will work at 3G.  When you are back in the 4G area, it will allow you to reset it to "Global" and it will then recognize the 4G area and work correctly.   It would appear that the problem is related to having the device in "Global" to begin with.


                        I am hoping we see a fix to this soon.  It's a bit agrivating to have to "play" with the 4510 to get it to work.

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                          Same issue here in LA.  In fact I attempted to return the mifi today (5 days old) since it was locked into 3g.  They were telling me that I need to pay a $35 restocking fee!


                          Here's to hoping the reset works.... Paying $35 for a defective product is absurd.



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