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    Text Messages will not send


      I am having trouble sending and receiving text messages. Every time I try to send a message it hangs up for a bit then says "Message not sent" in the notification bar. If i look in the details I see this error code:


      addr.vcnt. 0


      That's all it says. Some googling tells me to install Handscent for texts to fix the problem but it did not work. Even texts sent thru Handscent don't work. I am new to this phone and it only started happening today.


      Any ideas?

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          Sorry you're having this trouble. I do not believe a third-party app would be the solution. I'd like to ask a few questions to better troubleshoot this for you:


          Are you sending to an International number?

          Is the error message happening with all messages you try to send, or just one specific number?

          If one number, how is it programmed into your phone (i.e. 1+area code + number or just area code + number)?

          Also if one number, have you been able to send to this number in the past?