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    Alltel to Verizon

      Not happy have called several times and done as they said verizon might say they are the same as alltel but are not ,  Weak signal in used to be good areas you have some problems we get to pay for it?  I have 3 phones through you and to smart phones I think you need to listen to what your used dto be coustmersa are saying.  We can not all be wrong.
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          Call get a tt filed. More trouble tickets the more they pay attention.
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            What brothergrim said. Call them. If enough people call they have to do something about it. (I have the same problem)
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              *228 option 2 will fix that problem.  it takes a minute to do and service will be better


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                Lets see.  I was a very happy Alltel customer.  Never had one complaint with them.  Since the switch, I have logged about 20 hours of tech time with Verizon.  I have had 3 phones, and 3 phone numbers.  Today, I finally had to switch my good reasonably priced Alltel plan to a Verizon plan which doesnt even come close.  I lost my 20 friends and family and now end up paying close to $30 more a month for the Verizon plan.  Went from 1000 minutes a month down to 700.  Why?  Just so I can use my phones features!  I haven't been able to send pic messages due to not being on a Verizon plan...I think that is total **bleep**!  {keep it relevant}  Because we have to conform to Verizon in order for anything to work properly.  If we stick with the plans we had or have when they switched, we cant use the features, they won't give us anything comparable to what we are or were paying with Alltel.  I don't know about you, but this whole *Verizon Customer Service* is not as good as they say.  I have been since May trying to get my deposit back.  I am just so disgusted with Verizon. 
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                  *228 option 2 to update the prl.. If that does not work call in for tech support to get a trouble ticket opened/filed... Like previous posters had mentioned.



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                    Did you NOT see that I have been logging time with Verizon tech help?  Alltel customers are being given the short end of the stick in this merger deal.  They should honor our alltel price plans by giving us something price comparable on a Verizon plan.  We didn't ask for them to merger.  Had we wanted to be Verizon customers in the first place we would have went with them instead of Alltel. 

                    When I used to dial *228, I would get connected to US Cellular, so that is NOT an option, however, now when I dial that, I get connected the the roaming network.  HA!  Any other ideas?

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                      valentines27 wrote:

                      *228 option 2 will fix that problem.  it takes a minute to do and service will be better


                      I tried that now I get no signal! :smileysad:


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                        Welcome to the *smooth* transition of Alltel to Verizon! 
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                          This is an interesting thread.


                          I, too, am an Altell "convert".  All be it, right now not a very happy one.  We had to switch because of a business situation with my wifes business.  We were going to need lots more minutes and we were told by Verison that they could not up our  Altell minutes, that we would have to convert, or transition, to do that.  Well, we looked the plans over and decided on one that we liked.  I asked, very directly, if the plan and phones that we had selected included the 'Visual Voice Mail' feature.  I made it clear that it was a necessary feature and that was the deciding factor to my transitioning over.  Well, we sign the deal and the next day I'm trying to access the Visual Voice Mail....won't work!!  Called tech support and they told me that it was not an option for 'transitioning Altell customers'.

                          Huh??  Is my money not the same color?  Why was that not told to me BEFORE I signed the agreement?? 

                            Oh, if you want to have some fun, ask 5 different people the same question and sit back and enjoy all the different answers you get.

                          Quiet amuzing!!



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