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    Switching accounts and early termination fees?


      Maybe someone's asked this before but I couldn't find it.  Currently, I have a secondary phone line on someone else's account--when my line was added, his contract was extended, and our shared contract is up in February 2012.  However, he has decided he no longer wants my line on his account and says he has authorized me to switch my line and number to someone else's account; he wants me off the account as quickly as possible.  My mother is fine with my line being added to her account, as she already has my stepdad, sister, and stepsister's phones as additional lines on her account, but after the summer I am moving to an area where Verizon has very limited service and I had hoped to switch to another carrier and take my number with me.  So I have two questions:


      1) Can I actually move my line from one account to another?  How do I go about this, and how much is it going to cost?  I assume we'll have to pay to add a new line to my mother's account, but are there additional fees?


      2) Will I be allowed to pay an early termination fee on the line if it's added to my mother's account?  I hope to make the move to the other carrier in July or early August at the latest, and my mother is under the impression that once the line is added, she's stuck with it for two years.  I would try to pay an early termination fee now to cancel my current line and avoid further unpleasantness with the account holder, but I can't afford it at the moment. 


      I would appreciate any help/answers I can get on this post.  I will be visiting our local Verizon store tomorrow to talk to someone in person about this, but I'm really panicking about it at the moment.

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          Your mother can do an AOL for your line to move it from the account it is on now to her account. There will be no ETF, and the contract will not be extended, simply continued on your mother's account. If she is currently an individual plan, then the only increase will be that involved in moving from a single to a family plan.

          Come July or August, you can re-evaluate, and see how much time is remaining on your contract and pay the ETF then if necessary. Your contract will not be extended by moving from one Verizon account to another.