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    Droid Charge is dropping 4G and going to 3G all the time


      Over the past two weeks I was using a Droid Charge (PhoneArena review) and one of the issues that I had was the device was always dropping 4G and going to 3G EVDO, even though I am in a 4G area (Ft Lauderdale). When this happened I would turn the Airplane Mode on and off, and this would kick the phone back to 4G. But a few minutes later it would change to 3G.


      If you are in a 4G area, please reply to this thread if your Droid Charge is staying locked on 4G, or if it keeps dropping to 3G.


      I did have a similar issues with the HTC ThunderBolt, as it would cycle between 4G/3G/1x, but after the software update two days ago, it fixed the problem and has stayed on 4G.

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