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    phone swap


      I'm looking to buy a new phone on eBay to activate and replace my current phone. I'm the only one on my plan and am not eligible for an upgrade anytime soon. Would I be able to activate the phone I buy on eBay to my plan with the same phone number I have now and not be penalized?

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          Yes, but the phone must meet a few requirements:


          It must be a Verizon-branded device.


          The ESN must be clear.  You can check this by calling Verizon with the ESN to make sure it is not listed as lost/stolen, or attached to an account with an unpaid balance.


          If it is not compatible with your current plan, you will have to change your plan when you activate it.  If you're on an older, grandfathered calling plan, you may have to change to one of the current plans for instance.