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    Choose your own phone number?


      Hey guys-


      I just have a question about the phone number.


      I have a verizon account with a phone number

      that personally I think is really difficult to remember..


      I've had service with other service providers where they let me choose

      the last four digits of the phone number,

      or at least give me a list of phone numbers I can choose from.


      When I asked the representative at the Verizon store,

      they said they can't do it. Period.


      Why not?

      Do you know if I can change the phone number to something I would like?

      Except the ones that the online site generates automatically...


      I know I'm being picky and that's why I'm not going out of my way to get it,

      I would just like to know if this is even possible.

      I don't wanna just take the word of one representative and be turned down.

      Other service providers do, but verizon don't.  ;P

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          Verizon and I believe most WIRELESS companies do not allow the customer to choose a number. I know LANDLINE companies tend to allow you to search for a number.

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            Thank you for your inquiry. The phone numbers come from a database not always having a listing of the last four digits available. This is due to the database of available numbers getting used up and not allowing an option to select one from a listing. However, the database does get updated often and thereby increasing the availability of numbers that may allow this option. I am sending you a private message to assist you in the number change.  Also, it best to change your phone number on your bill cycle to avoid prorated charges and there is a $15.00 charge per number change.


            If you change your phone number, you will need to set up your voice mail and any current voice mail will be deleted. You also have the option to change your phone number online at My Verizon. Perhaps the database would be updated at the time with more phone numbers available letting you select one with a four digits that is easier to remember. 

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              I'm having the same problem with Verizon. I work for ATT and have accounts with Tmobile, and these companies are far more user-friendly when it comes to obtaining a specific number.


              I just called the Number Assignment folks at Verizon after being directed there by their customer service staff and was immediately told they can't do that at all and said that I shouldn't have been given the phone number I called. Why have a "number assignment" group if you dont assign any??


              This does not speak well of the customer service. What can I do? I'm not asking for anything out of the ordinary and am not aware of any regulatory problem in doing this (even though I was given that excuse).



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                Did you notice that this discussion is almost two years old? The information can easily be outdated.