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    LG Ally 3G Android Unlock ?


      :smileyhappy: Good day, eh...from Vancouver. I live here and travel much to the Philippines. Bought two of these phones on Ebay. Can I unlock them to use here and in the Philippines? Someone locally claims to be able to as he can access the SIM tray, but I doubt it somehow. Someone else said Verizon might give me a unlock code if all is paid up etc. The plan was paid off by the Seller who moved to Newfoundland, Canada, from the USA.


      Also, can anyone give me the phone number for Verizon Mobile ( maybe email - if I'm real lucky ) USA? I cannot get it from their webpage cause it asks for Postal Code and will not accept a Canadian Code.


      Thankyou kindly.



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          LG Ally does not have a SIM card as it is a CDMA network (only) phone.  There is no 'unlocking' the phone as it only operates on the 800/1900 MHz CDMA, EVDO Rev A frequencies.  As the Phillipines operates GSM wireless networks, this phone will be unuseable.

          Sorry to say you were given bogus information on this phone model.

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            Apparently Verizon may give an Unlock Code If I tell them it's for out of Country use.

            Does anyone know? If so, would anyone have the Phone Number or email addie for

            Verizon? I can't get it from their webpage, as it asks for my Postal Code - and won't

            accept the Canadian Code. ( No Verizon in Canada. )



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              That unlock code is for Global Ready phones. Global Ready phones have both a CDMA and and GSM radio with a Vodefone SIM card. The unlock code is for the SIM card.

              The LG Ally is NOT a Global Ready phone. It DOES NOT have a SIM card as part of the phone.
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                Thankyou for the Help. So, I did find a phone number for Verizon usable outside the USA. They said a Verizon Ally 3G Android cannot be unlocked. But, the first lady I spoke to there said they have unlocked LG3 Allys on the market - so she thought maybe yes - however whoever she transferred me to said no.


                Are there other LG3 Allys that can be unlocked - unlike Verizon which cannot? I don't care about the travel too much, but we have CDMA in Canada and I'd like to use it on an available network here. Or, use a Phone Card.

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                  I have no clue.
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                    Verizon ACTUALLY HAS CDMA 1X roaming in the Phillapines as per part of the PRL.


                    You can do the reverse in the Phillpiines if you work in IT and a engineer like me AND if the PHILLIPINE PROVIDER IS WILLING TO ADD A FORIEGN CDMA ESN/MEID INTO THEIR SYSTEMS AND YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE ALL SUPPORT (from the sounds of things, NO!).


                    Actually a cell phone provider in INDIA has successfully added a ex-Verizon CDMA MEID into their regional authentication systems in India allowing it to be used on the Indian CDMA network after the software on the phone has been debranded, deflashed and into GENERIC OEM from the manufacturer (hook it up to the computer, special software you can find on the internet).


                    Seriously though don't try this unless you work in the industry like me. The GSM SIM part like the 4G can be unlocked and marketed to consumers because it's a simple chip swap.


                    AND NO you can't use a foriegn CDMA 1X/EVDO rA phone built for another market onto the Verizon network in the US because the Verizon network in the US will REJECT a foriegn ESN/MEID for the CDMA portion of its not built for them.


                    It doesn't even work domestically (Sprint, MetroPCS phone on Verizon!).


                    BUT YOU CAN DO IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND (Use Verizon phone on MetroPCS, Cricket prepaid regional provider) where the cell phone shop in the US (MetroPCS, Cricket) has the software/facilities with a USB cable to the phone they can DEBRAND the VZW phone into the ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER OEM and Cricket/MetroPCS will get a ex-Verizon ESN/MEID onto their systems for the CDMA portion. That store tech. will also with their automated process remove all VZW CDMA data settings and add the Cricket/MetroPCS one.


                    Simple story: DON'T EVEN TRY IT UNLESS YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND it's kind of worthless because the people with the knowledge of this stuff usually are middle/high-income anyways and they just go the easy way and pay Verizon for the coverage...



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                      While it's not really a matter of accepting or not accepting support, I am still trying to find a use for these expensive, " paperweights". There is a local on Craigslist who will flash it for $10. Not being savy to these phone, the uses for

                      a flashed phone aren't known to me. Apparently it can only be used with Wifi? Or, could it be used with Phone Card?

                      Once flashed it cannot be used on another network? ( We don't have Cricket/Metro. )


                      There is free Internet at job site, would it work there?


                      Thankyou for the help.