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    want to open a 2 year contract


      i'm tired of my father complain about the high cell phone bill so i plan to sign a 2 year contract. i want to get an iphone 4 but i am not due for an upgrade until october of this year. right now under my father's plan, i have 5000 texts a month which i've been going over recently. i've never had internet on my phone. so if i get my own plan, i'd like to have unlimited (or more than 5000) texting and unlimited web. i don't talk on the phone too much, but as long as i can have free calls to my parents, i should be fine. about how much would this cost me?

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          The lowest allowance of voice minutes on an individual plan is 450; add unlimited texting and an unlimited data plan, and it will be $59.99 (Talk & Text, 450) + $29.99 for data, $90 plus taxes and fees which vary based on where you live, say $10 average, so you are looking at around $100 a month to be on your own.

          If that's too steep, perhaps you can OFFER to pay for your line and the texting and data on your parent's plan. That will be $29.99 for the unlimited data, $9.99 for your line, and then whatever texting package you want to add on. If the 5000 is not enough (that's a $20 add on), then for $10 more, you can have unlimited texting on ALL lines of the family plan, so you 'd be looking at $70 for your portion of the bill. Off to pay for that, and see if Dad stops complaining??