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    Pantech Jest wont turn on


      My son has a Pantech Jest that will not stay turned on unless it is plugged into the charger.  I called Verizon  because the unit is under warranty.  They told me that I have to drive to a Verizon store and have it tested before they will do anything for me.  The closest store for me is approx 20 miles away which wouldn't be an issue but I drive 20 miles to work in the opposite direction.  The tech guy said the battery is bad but still needs me to be inconvenienced before they will do anything for me......ugh!

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          I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you. When a phone is not charging completely or staying powered on, it may be the battery or the phone. We always prefer our customers to visit a corporate store to have the phone and battery tested to ensure no there's no physical damage or water damage and to be sure what is causing the issue. If you are still within the manufactures warranty we will know if we need to replace the battery or device. 

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            My son is having the same issue and his phone is only a couple of months old!  Hope this is not an ongoing issue!  Guess I will have to make the dreaded trip to the store!

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              When I first received my jest, I had to update the software.  it fixed everything.  Ever since, I've loved my little Jest!! :-)!!

              You might try *228 and option 2 to update your software :-) It might help with somethings!   The original Jest is a great phone!

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                I have had two Pantech jest's so far, the first one wouldnt stay on unless it was on the charger, then it started working fine again, and then one day it turned off and never turned back on. and now I have my second one which is not the first or second pantech jest, its like just a back up one the company makes if yours breaks. But anyway  I just got my second one over summer and now it wont stay on unless the phone is plugged into the charger, last time the guy that was telling me what was wrong with it and said that if you use a phone charger that is to a different kind of phone or company it kills your battary and I beleive thats what happend again because I have use a sprint charger now because my other one had gotten chewed up by a dog. Now that this phone is slowly breaking I will not end up getting a new phone because they would not let me put ensurance on the new phone because i have had 4 phones from verizon and they all had ensuearnce and all broke someone so I ended up getting all my new ones free, but I guess I'll have to go without a phone now. But your phone might have stopped working because your son might have used someone elses phone charger at some point.

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                  I'm in the same situation as ruppey33. I have had this problem 3 times so far, once with my original phone and battery, then with a replacement battery from verizon, then yesterday with a replacement phone and the replacement battery. Now they're sending me another new phone and possibly a new charger. If it is the charger that would be great but I have heard about problems within the phones hardware. There's a surprising amount of evidence of this problem online and there seems to be no easy solution. I just hope Verizon comes to their senses and takes this phone off the shelves and replaces it with something that doesn't suck so much.

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                    This happened to my first Pantech Jest, got a new one to replace it, now the same thing has happened TWICE to this "new" one!!!!!! it is ridiculous!!!!!!

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Hello everyone!

                      Thank you all for your posts! I'm so sorry you are having power issues with your devices! I want your phones to work when you need them! kaybrisam, have you had the device replaced yet? Please let us know if you are still having the issue. You can also call 800-922-0204.

                      Thank you!

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