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    Changing phone number cost


      How much does it cost to change your number.  I have been getting harassing calls from some guy saying I have a law suit against me. I already told the police and they told me to get my number changed immediately. Any help will be helpful! Thank you

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          I believe you can change your phone number online through your MyVerizon account. All for free.
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            It is free if done online.

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              As above mentioned it's free if you do it online, but it'll cost I believe $18 if you get a CSR to do it.


              I recently changed my number.  It's a good idea to check all the prefixes and see if a number pops up to your liking.  It took me two days and I found a great number that is very easy to remember.

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                Thanks for the information everyone. You have the option to change your wireless number during your billing cycle or on the first day of your bill cycle. A $15.00 fee may apply if you change the number through customer service over the phone or at a corporate store. If you do not wish to process the wireless number change online, please call us directly from an alternate phone so we can assist you in programming your wireless device with your new number. You can reach our Customer Service Department at 800-922-0204 to process your request.


                The best day to process your request is on the first day of your billing cycle to avoid minute proration.


                Additionally, if you wish to avoid the $15.00 fee and your number change does not involve a different area code/prefix combination, you can change your wireless number online by signing in to “My Verizon” using your Account Owner user ID and password. Once you are signed in, click on the “Change Phone Number” icon located under “Profile” in the “I Want To” section at the bottom of your “My Verizon” home page and follow the instructions provided.


                Note: You may lose your voice mail messages depending on the new wireless number assigned to you. As a result, please be sure to check your voice mail messages before your new wireless number is activated. In addition, please do not make any changes to your Picture and Messaging online album and VTEXT.com until 36 hours after the change is complete in order to allow your galleries to be transferred.


                Please have your wireless device charged and available when calling.