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    Error Cannot retrieve catalog... (3328)  Backup Asst.




       I'm trying to load the app Backup Assistant and get this error (3328) when I go to  Get It Now, Get Going, Get New App.


      Any ideas on how to fix this ?  My son ued the phone before and said it worked.  It's an older LG VX5300.  Thanks.

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          You may just be out of luck for getting Backup Assistant. :smileysad: There are several threads about this issue.



          They key issue is this: (via MikeS - Verizon Employee)

          I understand your issue exactly ... and I can provide some insight to your issue as I have dealt with it multiple times in the past. Basically during the period of early fall to 3/25/2011, we notified customers that had BREW (older handsets) phones that they needed to access the Get It Now or Media Center catalog before 3/25/2011. 03/25/2011 was the last day to access the catalog to receive a certificate update. If the Media Center was not accessed during this time, the phone was inactive, or the phone had data blocks on the line, it did not receive the certificate update, and will not be able to access the catalog any longer. We tried to be as proactive as possible during this timeframe alerting customers via bill inserts and text alerts (which would not help you if the phone was deactivated). All other portions of the phone will continue to work normally. You can make and receive calls, text message, picture message, go onto the web, and use all other aspects of the phone. The only thing that will no longer work will be the Media Center/Get It Now catalog on the phone.

          Unfortunately, having the phone flashed with new software will not fix the issue. Once the certificate update period has passed, it will not become available again. In order to access the Media Center again, you would need to take a look at getting into a more recent phone.

          This did not affect all of the older phones. Most customers did get the certificate update just fine and can access the Media Center/Get It Now catalog just fine. It is only those who did not receive a certificate update that will run into this. You can tell if you are affected by this by going into menu>settings & tools> and clicking on "My Account" or "My Verizon." If this loads, but Media Center/ Get It Now catalog will not, you are missing your certificate update and will unfortunately not be able to get it to work on this phone again.

          I know I threw a lot of information out at you, but I hope this answers your question.

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            We hear your!  I have posted several things about not being able to access the Get It Now catalog on some older devices.  Before, there was no way to get your access back to the catalog.  You had to upgrade to a new device if you did not access the catalog between September and March 25, 2011.  There has been a lot of feedback about not being able to access the catalog, so we made it possible to get it back. 


            Here's what you need to do to get your Get It Now access back on your older phone:


            1) Ensure you are able to access other data on your phone (go to settings & tools> My Verizon or My Account) this does not charge megabytes, but does connect to data.  This will ensure other data is working.


            2) Make sure you don't have blocks on your line that is preventing you from accessing the Get It Now catalog (app blocks, etc.)


            3) Take it into any Verizon Wireless corporate store (authorized dealers/premium retailers will probably not have this ability).


            4) Explain your issue to them.  If you are getting error 3332 when you bring up Get It Now, let them know.


            5) A representative will plug your phone into a computer and flash the certificate/update onto your phone (we have articles in our information database to walk them through that if it's their first time.


            6) Enjoy having access to your Get It Now catalog again!


            This is new information. Before, the only option was to get a different phone.  I know this sounds cheezy, but we do hear you. Lots of feedback came about due to this change, and although we tried to be proactive as possible to alert the affected users, there were some that fell through the cracks.  Feel free to PM me or call customer service at 800-922-0204 for further information about this.

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              Any chance you could reply to the posts/threads that you advised us otherwise in?  I just stumbled on this solution when I came here to post that I see Verizon now sends texts to phones with it blocked and that it would have been great if that would have occurred when the texts about the certificate were sent out.


              I printed your information and will be visiting a corporate store in the next few days.


              Thank you, Verizon, for listening.  You may want to get this information out there, though.



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                This is my copied/pasted response  from another forum, but it's completely relevant here:


                I’m very sorry if some stores were unable to help with restoring the Get It Now access.  This is a very new process, and hasn’t been done before.  That being said, there is a specific file path to instructions on how to do this. I cannot post the steps themselves because they are confidential, but I can describe how to view them. Make sure this is being done by a technician in the store or someone who is able to flash phones.  This must be done in a Corporate Store.


                Here’s the file path:


                Infomanager> Products/Svcs> Get It Now>MediaCenter(Formerly Get It Now)> In the processes section click “Restoring Access to the Media Store.”  Once here, under option 3, choose Instructions for Recovery. This will open up a PDF file with screenshots and instructions.


                Additional path: Type “Restoring Access to the Media Store” in the Infomanager search box. It’s the first article result. Once here, under option 3, choose Instructions for Recovery. This will open up a PDF file with screenshots and instructions.


                Note: In the Restoring Access to the Media Store article there is a hyperlink (like a hyperlink to the instructions) at the top that says "certain Brew devices" that will show the list of devices that this will work on.  It's a ton of phones listed within the past ~5 years, but if your phone is not listed, this will not work.

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                  Where is the list of phones this will/will not work on?


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                    Here's the list of devices that we have in this article that can be updated as long as the store has the cable to connect it to the PC:


                    Casio Boulder (C711)

                    All the G'zOne Type V phones

                    All the G'zOne Type S phones

                    Kyocera K323

                    LG VX10000 (Voyager)

                    LG VX10000 (Titanium Voyager)

                    LG VX5300

                    LG VX5400

                    LG VX8300

                    LG VX8350

                    LG VX8500 (Chocolate)

                    LG VX8550 (Chocolate 2)

                    LG VX8600

                    LG VX8610

                    LG VX8700

                    LG VX8800

                    LG VX9100

                    LG VX9400

                    LG VX9800 (The V)

                    LG VX9900 (EnV)

                     Motorola K1M (Krzr)

                    Motorola L7C (Sliver)

                    Motorola V325

                    Motorola V325i

                    Motorola V325xi

                    Motorola V3C (Razr)

                    Motorola V3M (Razr)

                    Motorola V9M (Razr II)

                    Motorola Maxx Ve (Razr series)

                    Motorola VU204 (Limerick)

                    Motorola W385

                    Motorola W755

                    Motorola Z6C

                    Motorola Z6TV

                    Motorola ZN4

                    Nokia 2605

                    Nokia 6205

                    Nokia 6245i

                    Nokia 6315i

                    Nokia 7205

                    Nokia 8200

                    Pantech TXT8010

                    Samsung A990 (Flip Shot)

                    Samsung SCH-A955

                    Samsung SCH-U700 (Gleam)

                    Samsung U410

                    Samsung U440

                    Samsung U430

                    Samsung U470

                    Samsung U620

                    Samsung U900

                    Samsung U940 (Glyde)

                    UTStarcom Pantech CDM8960


                    I hope that answers your question!  Feel free to post this in any other forums. Note: Your model is behind the battery in most phones if you are wondering what it is.


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                      You mentioned the store could repair the phone if they had the cable, is this a special cable or does it just cnnect to a usb port and then to the phone? I have been working personally with this problem this week and own a - what I tink is a sync cable for a gzone boulder - which is on the list you gave of phones that can be repaired.


                      Any help appreciated,


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                        I would bring your USB cable to the store just in case the store doesn't have theirs. As long as it's a data transfer cable (most of them are) and not a charge only cable, you should be in good shape.


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                          I have just left the Verizon store in Opelika, Alabama where they told me that you had visited earlier today. This was my 5th unsucessful trip to Verizon - 3 to Lagrange, Ga and 2nd to Opelika - The gentelman I spoke to the first trip also assisted me today. His answer on my first visit was the software could not be updated for 2 of 2 phones that I had taken with me.

                          !) a Casio Boulder c711

                          2) a LG VX5300

                          I took a copy of your post on how the procedure should be performed with me and spoke to the store tech from what I understand.

                          He tried - absolutely did his best to assist me - However he seemed to have a file missing from his system or could not find it. The file name is :

                          Brew Application Tool Version 3.1.1 SP02&MDR 1.0 Preinstalled application (Apploader with MDR200.signed up.zip)


                          Can you tell me a store that ahs this Application Tool and capacity to program these phones these phones?

                          Or send it to Opelika that I may return and try again - LaGrange or Columbus are fine with me also.

                          I do not know how to PM you but will send my contact information to you if you would like to communicate directly with me.

                          2nd thought - {edited for privacy} is my verizon number please contact me there if you don't mind.


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