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    My Verizon User ID not Cell Phone Number


      Is there not a way that you can change logging on to "my verzion" so that you can only use a userid and not use your cell phone number?  If not there really needs to be. 


      Having it so that you can use your cell number is very unsecure!  Not only can someone attempt to log in to your account by guessing your password if they already know your cell #, but they can also cause you grief by getting your account locked out.


      I have a friend that has already had this happen to her several times. Someone has been making harassing calls to her, and in the beginning to keep her from accessing her records online they just locked her account out by multiple attempts at logging in. She eventually had to have a new online account created because even tech support was unable to get it unlocked. But even after her new acccount was created, the same thing keeps happening frequently. The person harassing her just randomly attempts to log in to her account, it gets locked out, and she has to call up tech support to unlock it for her.


      I don't want to deal with the same thing, and I'm sure my friend's is not an isolated case, so I would like to take away the option to use my cell phone number as log in credentials. In general this safe guard should have been considered, because creating a personal user id is more anonymous in any case. As much information is stored on my verizon, every possible precaution should be taken to keep it confidential and secure. The security factor outways the risk of convenience!