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    Possible Kin TWOm problem?


      I just got my Kin TWOm about 7 days ago & I think im having problems already. Could just be nothing but, I usually plug the phone into the computer USB to charge. Tonight I decided to plug the phone into the wall. Well here is what happend.


      I plugged the phone into the Wall then plugged the cable into the phone. Automatically the phone went black & would not turn back on at all. I had to pull the battery in order to boot it up. Then I had no problem after words with it.


      I hope im not having issues with the phone already. Ive been reading that alot of people are having to return these phones for new ones more then a couple of times in a couple of months or less.

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          This happens to me on occassion, too... It's the weirdest thing. The phone just randomly shuts itself off... have to remove the battery and reboot.

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            I ended up calling verizon today for a replacement because my phone  starting doing some weired stuff today. plugging it into the wall caused the phone to go nuts & when I tried to slide open the phone to do a txt the phones screen went black & I had to pull the battery to reboot it.


            I told them that if I start to run into these problems with this new phone they will be getting it back & we will be working out something to get me into a different phone in general. I refuse to accept a junk phone


            I just got this phone 8 days ago & didnt use it at all for the first 3 so a 5 day old phone that is already having problems isnt a good sign

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              Like courtney, my phone on occasion will just shut off and I will need to reboot it by removing the battery.


              The phone is like all others, it has some quirks but nothing I would call a problem. I have had the phone since Feb. and could not be happier.


              The only annoying thing that I have found with the phone is that if the battery gets to the 10% warning, the email will fail to sync and I have to re-establish the connection. This is only a problem if Im at work for 3-4 days without a charger.


              Good Luck and I hope it works out.

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                I ended up running into other issues with the phone such as now the power button does not work almost at all. if the phone goes in standby I press the power button and nothing happens, I also noticed that I cant shut the phone off using the power button either. before hte power button issue the phone was having some crazy thing going on where if you plug it into the wall socket


                A) it would either lockup or shut down & you had to pull the battery to turn it back on OR

                B) the Screen would just go black leaving the Backlight lighting on & just a black screen.


                Like I said I really like love the phone but mine is easily defective. I am waiting for a replacement now. hopefully it will get here soon because right now my phone wont turn on at all so Im without a phone.

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                  Now that is some problems. Sorry you got a lemon, I hope the next one works for you.


                  I have 4 of these phones on my plan (for wife, kids and myself) and we have all had great luck with them.




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                    i got my new phone today. didnt even have to sign for it they left it in my mail box. my only concern is with the quality the phone came in. no screen cover & there was sticker glue on the screen. It came off without scratching the phone


                    the phone also came semi dirty i had to take a Q-Tip and clean specific spots. I thought it would come in better condition. once the phone was cleaned it looks new. no scratches but in my opinion I shouldnt of had to clean it.


                    once thing i did notice is th power button is solid on this one & the touch screen works way better then then on the last phone

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                      Thank you Community Members for posting your experiences and offering suggestions. It is very much appreciated.


                      FP4LC4PON3, I'm glad we were able to have the device replaced for you. In the future, I think you will find the following link a very useful tool concerning your device.


                      Kin Twom Device Support


                      Thank you.






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                        I may end up getting rid of the phone to go to something else in all honesty. I am a bit concerned that the phone no longer has any support & is going to receive no fruther updates what so ever to improve the pretty buggy OS as of right now. I cant tell you how many time someone sends me a Picture through txt & I open the pic and my screen goes black. I have to press the power button to put the phone in standby then take it out and the pic will appear.


                        Not very happy with these phones as of right now. Has great features in my opinion but the bugs will make me go to something else.

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                          I'm sick of this phone. I've had it for about 4 months and I'm sick of it. Every time I get a text message it shuts off and sometimes won't even turn on for quite a few hours. It's incredibly annoying and I'm sick of it. I can't get the backing off the phone to get the battery out. The little button on the side won't push in so I cannot get the battery out. I'm calling Verizon as soon as I can get my **bleep** phone back on and getting a different phone. Don't waste your time with it. 


                          My brother and I got the same phone and his is completely broken for no reason. 

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