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    MiFi month to month service


      I bought an Ipad/MiFi combination in December with a month to month agreement for the MiFi.  Shortly thereafter I suspended service on the MiFi.  Today I discovered that the service was reactivated in March.  I had no idea and was given no notice that I had to suspend my service every three months or it would be reactivated.  After working with the Verizon representative on the phone this morning, he finally agreed to credit me for the $40 charge, but he said that if I wish to suspend service again in 3 months that I need to do it through the internet because if I call Verizon, I will be charged $15 for them to suspend my service! 


      I was not told any of this when I purchased the Ipad/MiFi and I cannot find anything on the web site that confirms the 3 month reactivation or the $15 charge.  Can anyone give me a link that explains this?  Thanks for your help.



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          You need to call Veiraon Customer service. This is a technical support forum.

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            It is also supposed to be an EDUCATIONAL forum, and I was requesting assistance!

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              I understand, but there's no one here who would know Verizon's contract with you.

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                Thank you for your inquiry. The link for more information on suspending service is provided below. The link provides as much information as possible. However, please bear in mind that information is provided to a customer prior to any suspension being process to inform about conditions of the suspend. It would be suggested to note this information for reference in case of need. 


                The link is: http://support.vzw.com/clc/faqs/My%20Verizon/account_maintenance.html?grp=7&faq=1

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                  With all due respect, you're out of line with your reply.  This is a community forum and the reason a person would post here is because someone else may have similiar experiences in which there may have been a resolved solution, etc.  The OP also had contacted Verizon and had not asked any questions regarding their contract specifically.


                  Additionally, the request was for a link and/or information at the website or web that they didn't see, which a rep offered.

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                    We try to be as helpful as we can in any situations we can delve into.  Here is the correct answer to the original poster's question. Where can you find verbiage after you suspend service about it being reconnected?  I suspended my line just to get this answer for you all.  After I suspended it using the reason "other" through My Verizon, it gave me the option to suspend without billing which is what I chose.  


                    After I submitted the change, it brought me to a confirmation page stating the following:


                    You suspended your service without billing :

                    • NE2 and Upgrade Eligibility dates will be extended for the period of time during which your billing is suspended.
                    • For customers on 1 or 2 year contracts, the time of suspension will not count towards satisfying the minimum term of your Customer Agreement.
                    • Service will be automatically restored in 90 days and billing will resume at that time, unless you resume service sooner.
                    • Your bills may show prorated charges to account for the time that your service is suspended without billing.

                    Note: I didn't bold anything.  I just copied and pasted directly from my browser.  


                    Double note:  If you are out of contract and eligible for an upgrade, disregard the part about NE2 and Upgrade Eligibility dates                                 and contract extensions. 


                    I hope this answers the question about it reconnecting automatically after you suspend service without billing. 

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                      I have seen that same message when suspending my USB760. It's not a problem for me because I usually reconnect it before the 90 days is up to make a trip, etc. I'll use it for a few days at $2 per day and then suspend it again.
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                        PDCLarry wrote:

                        You need to call Veiraon Customer service. This is a technical support forum.

                        This forum is for any kind of problem your fellow customers may be able to answer. There is certainly nothing wrong with his question.