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    routing call problems


      Routing Message -“the call is being routed locally when it could be long distance” or “You have reached a non working number announcement 14 switch 4182-5”


      My family have Verizon family cell phones plan. My husband and I live in two different states. In one of our home, we got a Magicjack number. Recently when I called my Magicjack number (home phone) from my cell phone and I receive the message "the call has been misroute as local call when it should be long distance" or “You have reached a non working number announcement 14 switch 4182-5”.


      Step I have taken:

      update roaming in Verizon

      Upgrade magicjack.


      I have gathering information, the conclusions are

      If any one uses a Verizon cell phone from a different state and they are in the same state where I use Magicjack ; they would have a problem contacting me at the Magicjack number.

      Since this has happen before, in February 2011, I know that this situation is fixable.

      I assume that if I go to visit family member in another state and they have magicjack as their home number I would have the same problem.


      I have been in communication with both company.

      Both company are stating "Please do contact them about it and ask for their Translation Department to route the calls properly."

      Verizon customer service representative have previously stated that Magic jack have inform Verizon that Verizon should refer their customer to magicjack. Magicjack is suppose come up with an update.   Where can I find this information?


      Currently there is no communication between both company or any other company.  There is no communication between Verizon and it's affected customers.


      Meanwhile, My MAIN CONCERN, which was expressed to both company's customer service representatives, is not being able to use my cell phone to call home in a case of emergency.

      Additionally, both company have receive funds for their service, point the fingers to each other, and I am the one stuck with the problem.


      Any assistance will be highly appreciated.


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          I have a feeling you're just going to keep getting the run around.  The long and short of it is that regular phone companies don't like MagicJack, not only because they severely undercut their prices, but because of the tactics that they use to route their calls in a way that essentially winds up costing the companies that carry the signal more money.  As a result, I know that several small telecom operations in my area refuse to route calls to MagicJack numbers, and it is within their perogative to do so.


          Your best bet is to write down the error message carefully, and then dial Verizon's customer support from another phone.  Give them the routing error code, and see if they can determine the issue with the switch that's holding up your call.  Ask them to file a trouble ticket.  You might do the same with MagicJack, go around customer service and straight to tech support.

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            I have handled this issue a multitude of times and followed a ticket filed with our Network Repair Bureau (engineering level).  Our calls are routing properly and trying to hand off to the MagicJack number, but the hand off is not occurring due to improper routing by MagicJack.  It's like we are trying to pass the baton, but nobody has their hand out to receive it.  I understand that it is frustrating, but right now it sounds like you will need to wait for an update from MagicJack.  I wouldn't think it would be something that MagicJack engineers/tech support would resolve on the back end.


            I hope that helps you gain more of an insight to your situation. 

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              Unfortunately I'm having the same issues.  Magic Jack staunchly defends themselves, saying this is entirely Verizon's technical problems.  Verizon's techs tell me it's Magic Jack.  I just hope someone figures it out.  No matter who is at fault, the company that provides the solution will be the winner here...

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                I'm having these routing problem issues also. I can't get any help with this. Anybody have a fix yet? Thanks.