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    Wireless Phone for Prepaid Plan

      I am looking to switch to Verizon wireless, but have some questions. I need a prepaid plan, and I need the daily access plan. I RARELY use the phone itself, MAYBE for 30 mins a month, but am a heavy text message user. There are 3 phones I'm looking at. 2 are the Pantech Caper Prepaid, the LG Cosmos Prepaid. I need to know if these will work and connect to the 3G network on prepaid plans? If they cannot connect at 3G speeds, including for text messaging and light data usage, I'm not interested. The other phone I'm considering, and I the one I would HIGHLY prefer to get is the LG Octane. I was wondering if this could be used on the daily access prepaid plan? Like I said, I MIGHT talk on the phone for MAYBE 30 mins a month, so 450 mins is major overkill for me. If it can't be used for the daily access plans, what's the ABSOLUTE LOWEST plan that will work with the Octane (Preferably under $15 a month if it doesn't include unlimted text messaging to all carries, $35 if it does include unlimited text messagine to all carries)?
      If NONE of these will do what I want, what is recommended? I'd need the daily access plan, it HAS to have a full QWERTY keyboard, a camera, and at least basic web access (At least allow me to access my gmail), and connect at 3G speeds (For texting and data).