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    Windows Phone 7.5


      Will the first WP7 phones that Verizon ships have Mango already installed?

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          Goodness i hope not, that would mean we would be waiting until the end of the year. And that is if Microsoft hits their release date of which they have not done up to this point.

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            No, they will not have Mango until the fall, hopefully that update will go out better than the others, much less the awful wait for Verizon to finally decide and release WP7 on their networks.

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              The HTC Trophy (Verizon's first Windows Phone 7 device expected next week) will have the Feb/March "NoDo" update preinstalled.


              Mango (thought of as WP7.5) will ship this fall with free update to all Windows Phone 7 devices.


              New phones announced/shipping Fall2011 shoudl have "mango" preinstalled obviously.

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                I don't "expect" the Trophy to ship next week.  I expect to be disappointed once again.  As for Mango, the way Verizon is going, I won't be surprised if my nephew has Mango on his HTC Surround before Verizon offers a phone.  This is ridiculous.


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                    At this stage, I will believe that Verizon is releasing the Trophy when I see it in a store or an AD for somewhere.  They posted the help stuff for it months ago, everyone thought that was an indicator.  We have seen flyers for the Microsoft early purchase out there with various dates.  There has never been any word from Verizon.  I know people that waited out the CDMA changes and finally give up on Verizon after the additional 3 month wait on CDMA in general.


                    As for Mango.  Provided that Verizon can get a device out before fall, the phone will not come with Mango installed.  It will have Nodo.  I just hope this isn't like my last Verizon experience with Windows Mobile.  They were so far behind the competition that I had to buy an outdated phone because my current one was destroyed.  It would be nice to see the Trophy before the other carriers start getting hardware upgrades.  It would also be nice to see the Windows 7 Pro, but that is just pure dreaming at this point.  I think it will be months before they get a second Windows Phone 7 device.

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                      Farrixx, I don't remember where I got it from, but that icon you're using as an avatar is one that I used for an application that I wrote for a company I used to work for.  :smileywink: