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    SMS error class 3 - sending text messages from HTC Droid Incredible


      Just started running into these errors about a month ago, I figured it was just network hiccups by Verizon, but now I'm not really sure if it's that or a combination of that and my HTC Droid Incredible phone?


      The actual error code is:


      Cause Code: 1

      Error Class: 3

      Thing's I've done thus far:


      1.) dialed *228 and did option 1 and option 2 in two seperate instances, after having removed the battery from the phone.


      2.) Cleared the cache for dialer and messages on my phone.


      I'm not sure what else I can do.


      I can Recieve messages FINE.


      Just when I send, no matter what network (friends on AT&T or family on Verizon), I get the SMS error code, and cannot send texts.


      This is really frustrating.