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    SD card not being read

      I recently got a replacement Droid incredible after my original phone wouldn't turn on and got stuck in the reboot loop. Once my original phone died I removed my SD card to see what was on it by placing it in a friends Droid incredible. I took it out properly and everything. Now when I put my SD card into my replacement phone the phone doesn't recognize it and its also not recognized on the computer. When its in my phone I press mount and it tells me its safe to remove the SD card. I don't want to reformat it because I have pictures on there but I'm not really sure of what to do, anyone else have this issue? Thanks
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          Hello meowgan,


          Sorry to hear about your memory card issue. May I ask have you tried to put your memory card into your friend's phone a 2nd time to verify that you pictures are still there? If they are, you can use mass storage mode to transfer the pictures to a PC before reformatting the card. That way, you won't run the risk of losing your pictures. Good luck.

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            I have a blackberry tour, I had to replace my cell phone, my sd card will not save or recognize my card. Can someone please tell me how to reformat my card. all of my pics and ringtones are still on there but my music is not, but when I save it to my pc, everythings on there.  I am lost about this one, both cell phones are the same kind, but its blackberry.

            I hope someone can please help me.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Gmccormick41, that’s no fun! I’m sorry you’re having issue with the phone recognizing the SD card. But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

              When you insert the SD card into the new phone does it transfer any of the information previously saved on the card?

              Since you mentioned you already saved the music on your PC here is a link with the steps on how to reformat your SD card http://bit.ly/Nn9x0Q.

              Post back if you need further assistance.

              John B

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                I am having the same issue. I have already reformatted my sd card in my pc and my phone still wont read it. It's not doing anything at all, like I don't even have it in my phone. Any ideas?