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    receiving duplicate texts?


      I have been receiving duplicate texts from multiple contacts on multiple networks. almost always immediately but sometimes a minute later or so. its always just one duplicate but not every text, prob about 1 in 5 will have a duplicate. I'm not using any aftermarket messaging apps & its not just multiple notification its texts also. my girlfriend got the same phone on the same day as me & she has been having the same problem just not as often.   I have seen other threads about this but it seems to be problems with messaging apps & not the stock messenger system. any ideas would be appreciated!!!! thanks

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          The problems you are having could be related to something in our systems if you are still having problems, please reply to the private message that I am sending you.  I will call you to provide troubleshooting assistance.                                                                                                                                                                                 


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            I'm having the same problem. I get every text twice. It started as soon as I went into extended network and it's super obnoxious.

            Is there a quick fix for it? Does it have to do with being in extended network? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.




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              Hello kellymarie,


              This may be extended network related. To investigate the issue, we would need to review your account for the proper network provisioning. May I have you send me a private message with your mobile number or account number so we can troubleshoot the issue.


              Thank you...

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                same problem here. it's not really a big deal to me, but about 1 in 10 texts come through twice....and it's off and on. it wasn't doing it for a couple of weeks and then started the other day again. any help?

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                  I've had this happen to me on three separate occasions each with multiple instances. Happened using both stock messaging app and handcent. Happened to Verizon or other recipients. Also noted when sending to Verizon iPhone if I used an Android emoticon in the text message body the message was sent as two messages divided after the emotion. I haven't found a workaround for this so I no longer insert emoticons to my wife's texts. Battery pull and reseatting of sim card and SD card clears the double text sending for a while (for me at least)
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                    Same thing here.  Trouble shot with tech on the phone last friday resulted in erasing pictures I had forgotten to save to my card.  All that and still receiving and sending duplicate texts.  Now my wife is getting them on her phone.  Just got 3 text from her sister that turned into 6.  That eats into your 250 texts pretty quick.  Any solutions?  As I said, I already did the factory reset the tech suggested that turned into a disaster.  thanks!

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                      Sorry, wrong wireless community area.  Will re-post in feature phone area.  thanks!

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                        Hi kelldog,


                        I understand your frustration.  Please PM your wireless number in effort to resolve your issue.





                        Thank you for your patience,

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                          I'm running into the same problem ever since getting my new Droid X2. Any help would be great.

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