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    don't know security code


      I hae a wireless prepaid account.  I need to purchase more airtime but can't.  I don't know my 4 digit security code.  I can't do anything without it.  I searched Verizon Help and found instruction for what to do if you lost your security code.  The give a link to send an email to take care of the situation.  To send the email you must know your 4 digit security code.  I called customer service and the same thing.  You must know your 4 digit security code to do anything.  I went to the Verizon store and same thing.  Can't do **bleep** without that 4 digit security code.  I like my phone but can't purchase any more time so I quess I will have to go to T-mobile.

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          If you have never set up a security code number, by default it is the last four digits of your cell number. You can change  to some outer number if you want.  But for now just use the last four digits of your cell number to get whatever information you need.

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            I had the same problem because I couldn't remember my security code several months after I changed it. The prepaid customer service number on the website (888) 294-6804 has a recorded message stating the number is no longer in service. The other customer service service number has a complicated automatic menu with no option to speak to an operator. Without the security code, the options were very limited and usually connected me with another '"number disconnected" message.

            It took me about 30 minutes of trying different options to speak with a person. I didn't resolve the security code problem because it turned out the problem was elsewhere.

            The bottom line is that if someone forgets their security code, Verizon customer service is poorly equipped to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.

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              I just dialed the 1-888-294-6804 number 4.25/11  and it worked just fine. Maybe it was out of order the day you called. I had forgotten my pass worked and thats how I got it fixed. Yes you do have to follow the prompts but eventually you do get a human.