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    Cost to Cancel Plan?


      Where/how can I figure out how much it will cost to cancel my current plan? I know it is based on how long my contract has left, but I don't know how to figure out, at least an estimate, of how much I would have to pay if I turned off service today. I believe my contract ends in mid February of 2012.  


      The reason for me wanting to know this is that my fiance's plan ends in May and we get a great discount with another company through my company, as well as the other company having more of a variety of voice and data plan options. I do love verizon, but I just don't use my phone enough to justify paying $120/month (total) for my fiance and I when the other company will only cost us $86/month.

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          ETF for a feature phone is $175-$5 for every month of the contract fulfilled

          ETF for a smartphone is $350-$10 for every month the contract has been fulfilled

          If you have an old Alltel plan with an Alltel phone the ETF is $200 (Although the majority of Alltel plan holders with Alltel phones would have completed their contract. But there are still a few out there)