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    Data plan - What it does or doesn't cover?


      Hi, I just upgraded from dinky old only-makes-phone-calls lg phone to a Blackberry Pearl on my dad's family wireless plan.  We signed up for the required $29.99 data plan, and I heard the word "unlimited" thrown around, but we were in a hurry and I didn't get a full explanation of what the data plan actually covers.  Unfortunately, I can't get through to customer support because I'm not the one with his name on the account.


      So here's my questions regarding my $29.99 a month "unlimited" blackberry data plan:


      1) What services are covered by this?  Internet? Email?


      2) How "unlimited" is it really?


      3) Does this plan include text messaging? (I did not have a text messaging plan before and I did not sign up for one today, I wasn't clear on how that interacts with a "data" plan)


      4) What services are *not* included in this plan or will cause me to be charged extra?




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