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    Verizon Wireless Software Upgrade Assistant


      Hello forum members.  I hope you can explain something for me.


      I recently purchased a Samsung Zeal and when I connected it to my computer it asked me if I wanted to install an application called "Verizon Wireless Software Updrade Assistant".  I chose "Yes" and it installed and recognized my Samsung SCH-U750 as being connected.  It said i was checkign for new Sofware and told me that a new version was available for my phone and asked me if I wanted to install it.  I said yes and nothing ever happens.  It tells me this new software is available several times a day and when I tell it to install it..... nothing.


      My current version of software is  = u750.DH09


      Can anyone tell me anything about this "Verizon Wireless Software Upgrade Assistant" and if my current version of software is the latest for the U750?


      Here is a link to an image of the software application. 


      VZW Software Update Assistant


      Any help is appreciated.

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          You currently have the newest version on software available for your phone.  I recommend that you stop running the software update application. 



          OEM: Samsung
          Model: U750 (Alias 2 / Zeal)
          New Software Version: u750. DH09
          Approval Date: 09/14/10
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            I'm having a similar problem. My Samsung Convoy is at version DE12. The upgrade assistant downloads and loads into the phone DE13. It seems to program, but when I turn the phone back on and check, it's still at DE12. I've searched the Verizon website for any other help with this utility, but there seems to be none.


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              The current software version for the Samsung Convoy is u640.DL23. In attempt to remedy the issue, I recommend freeing up some memory space on the device. You can do this by transferring any pictures or videos saved on the phone to the memory card. Once you have done this, try again to update the software version, and feel free to reach out to us if still unsuccessful. 



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                Okay after reading this thread I'm a little confused.  I am also experiencing the same problem as the orginal poster with the Verizon Upgrade Assitant, however I have the Samsung Convoy. 


                The Verizon Upgrade Assitant tells me there is a software update u640.DE13 available.  If I check my phone under the menu Phone info SW/HW Version it tells me the current software verision is S/W V. u640.DE12.  I tried upgrading which took about 5 minutes and then the software assistant told me my phone was up to date.  But if I check my SW/HW version after the succesfull update it still says it is u640.DE12.  If I unplug from the computer and plug back in then it tries to update again to DE13


                So it tried the tip of deleting picture/videos on my phone and it did not help.  However I did discover that if tried to check the current status of my software using the software update over the air rather than connected to the computer it tells me that my current software status is

                Source: Verizon Wireless

                Name: SCH-U640_DJ28_DL23_Commercial PackageStatus:UPdate Successful.


                So what is the difference between these two software numbers?  Apparently both are installed.

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                  Hello Edith,


                  I apologize for the confusion that has been caused. I can confirm that the latest software on the Samsung Convoy is

                  u640.DL23.  The software presented in the Upgrade Assistant is an older outdated version.  Please check on phone for your current software  Menu >Settings&Tools> Phone Info> Software Version. Please let me know if I can provide any additional assistance.

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                    I try to update my phone's software, my phone is an LG Cosmos 2, and it starts to do the upgrade then the status bar becomes a restart button and my phone says "Downloading..... Do Not Unplug!!!"  I left lit that way thing it was still upgrading from midnight till 7:25 AM the next morning and the VZW Software Upgrade Assistant still said Restart and my phone still said the same.  This is the second time my phone has done that.  The first time I took it in and Verizon sent me a new phone free of charge.  I also get a message saying "Insufficient battery level to proceed. Please recharge the battery and restart."  But I can't do ANYTHING with my phone while it is still at the "Downloading...... Do Not Unplug!!!" screen. 

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                      Getting the same problem with my LG Spectrum.  It asks me to Select a  device to upgrade but doesn't list my cell phone or anything else for that matter.  Only option that is available to me is the Close button.  Pretty confusing.  I like to keep my stuff up to date but doesn't seem to want to do it for me on the Assistant.  Have no clue what to do.

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                        same things happening to me to on my cosmos 2

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hello Imspartan!

                          Software updates are so crucial to the function of our phones!  I hope you were able to resolve the issue with your software update on your Cosmos 2.

                          Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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