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    the TIME on my phone is wrong?!


      This is the only phone i've ever had that this has happened to.... I use my phone as my primary alarm clock in the morning (which i'm going to have to change now)  Last nite i set my alarm, and went to sleep.. This morning my phone alarm went off @ the time it was set for, except it was 20minutes behind?!  like the time on my phone had stopped in the middle of the nite.  I turned it off and back on and the wrong time was still there... when i took the battery out, the time reset itself.. Has anyone else had this problem!?  what should i do???

      (i've only had the phone for maybe 3 or 4 months and this is the 2nd time this has happened)


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          Like you I use the phones alarm to wake up and this has happened to me on occasion, it's not a problem with the phone, or rather it's not a serious problem. Pulling the battery will fix all sorts of ills. I'm not technically proficient enough with the phone to explain what happens when the clock gets sketchy like that but it doesn't seem to cause lasting problems.


          It doesn't seem to happen often so I wouldn't worry unless it does start becoming a frequent occurrence. Perhaps you should try pulling the battery every couple of weeks or so.