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    Why can't I upgrade?


      Alright so as of last month my phone finally became eligible to upgrade so earlier today I decided I was going to check out a few phones online and then pick one out. So once i decided I wanted a smartphone I decided i should look at the plan I currently had and see if I really wanted to pay the extra $30 a month for a data plan. I was looking at the minutes that I have and so I decided to change them from 1400 to 700 because my family only uses 500 or less minutes a month. However, when I went to go upgrade my phone it said I wasn't eligible and that the order for the change of minutes was still pending. Will i be able to upgrade once its done pending? If not, I'm definitely going to do some complaining because I should have been notified if changing minutes would have effected my upgrade. In that case I would have at least gotten the phone first then changed it.



      HELP :smileysad:

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          Changing your plan/minutes will not affect your upgrade eligibility. I would be willing to bet that it is just because your request is still pending. It's probably something to do with your account being "active" or "changing" and you just have to wait for that to clear.


          Now, the only thing I could think that would be a problem, is if you changed your entire plan. Some smartphones aren't compatible with some older plans. In that case you would just have to call Customer Service and have them change it for you, no big deal.

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            When you "downgraded" your plan minutes online, the change was scheduled to go into effect on the first day of your next billing cycle - hence the change is still "pending". Post dating the plan change will avoid any pro-rating fees and makes the billing much easier to understand.

            As Vereyezuhn said, this did not affect your upgrade date, but trying to process online shows the pending plan change. The online interface does not allow more than one change at a time, so you are unable to process the upgrade until the plan change takes effect.

            Customer can likely resolve this for you and get you the same online deals. Given them a call.
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              remember when you go from 1400min to 700 you lose the friends and family.  the 500 min may go up


              wathc your min for the next couple of months to be sure you stay under 700