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    Not Receiving SMS Texts from Bank of America, Google, Yahoo, etc..


      I have been a very long time AT&T customer who recently switched over to Verizon. The reason being where I live now way out in the country (well, not even way in the country, just 14 miles west of Elgin, IL), I got no AT&T signal. I went to a Verizon store (an actual company store, NOT one of those "authorized retailers"/franchises/etc.), signed the 2 year contract thing, got a Droid X, and had my AT&T number ported over. The plan I have is the Nationwide 450, unlimited text, and unlimited data which totals about $90 a month (the same price I was paying with AT&T for the exact same plan). Most of what I do on the phone is text and data, not actual talking.



      The problem I'm having is eversince I switched over to Verizon, I'm not receving any SMS text messages from places like Bank of America, Google (466453), Yahoo (94266), etc. I know I can send texts to those number because I have been able to verify with the bank that they do receive my texts to them. I cancelled/deactivated my phone number with the bank, reactivated it, and I never got the verification message on my phone. However, since I already knew the 6 digit bank number to text the word "YES" to, I went ahead and texted it to the number, and the bank received my verification and verified my number. I try texting for my bank balance from the bank and get no message bank; however, the bank did verify with me that they did receive my texts and they did send response texts so I know the problem is not at the bank's end.



      The same goes when I try to text for info from Google, Yahoo, or almost anything that uses those short 5 or 6 digit numbers.. The only places I seem to get messages from are Facebook and MySpace. Any regular texting I do with actual people with regular 10 digit phone numbers works just fine too. I can send and recieve pictures, etc. I am also NOT getting any messages back saying "This message not delivered due to Premium Texting Block" or anything of that sort.



      I've been doing alot of research on this online but I'm finding alot of the same old same old.. I've been around cell phones for many many years so I don't need those "baby steps" of popping out the battery, doing the *228 things, etc. I already tried those. I don't need any warnings of the dangers of scams and premium texts.. I've been able to avoid scams and text my bank and google for years now and have had no problem until the switch to Verizon. I'm not a teenager texting for new ringtones, etc. I know what texts are legit and which ones aren't. Heck, all the years I've had phones, I've only received 1 junk/spam text messsage. It really isn't until now that I have ever heard of text banking, Google, Yahoo, etc. being considered as "premium texting". I have never gotten charged for using any of those ever in the past through AT&T or any other service.



      I've searched all through my Verizon online to see if I had the premium message thing blocked. It's not blocked. Nothing I have on there is blocked on my phone from what I can see. I tried calling Verizon but it seems they won't do anything until I have another phone to call them from so we can do all the "baby steps" and then they would troubleshoot. Unfortunately, this is my only phone at the moment and won't have access to another one for a while.



      If there is something I am missing, please let me know.. If you know of a solution, please share. I have a Motorola Droid X so is there a setting, app, etc. on the phone that is preventing those texts from coming in?



      Thank you

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          Nice post!  You sound really smart about all this, so maybe you already know what I'm going to say.  The only thing that comes to mind for me is that when you sign up for texts such as these, one of the pieces of information they need to know is the wireless carrier you use.  Have you tried signing up for these texts again, with your number but with Verizon listed as your carrier?  If that still doesn't work, I would think the problem isn't with Verizon, but with AT&T.  Sounds like wehn you ported the number they turned over your phone number to Verizon but didn't let loose of whatever portion that deals with routing this kind of text message.  Hope this helps.

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            When I sign up for the text banking with my bank, they don't ask for my carrier. I even asked them if they needed it but they say that they don't, all they need is the cell phone number, and it should work with almost all carriers except for the prepaids. Heck, I know a couple people with prepaids which the text banking works for. The night my number was I ported over, the bank automatically deactivated my number since the bank did detect a carrier/account change. At first, I thought that was an issue but I have been able to successfully reactivate my number with the bank eventhough I'm not receiving their messages at my end. The thing is I'm not receiving the Google texts, Yahoo texts, etc. either and with most of those, you don't have to sign up or register to use. You just type in something or some place you're searching for, text it to 466453 (Google), and within 30 seconds, get a response with search results.


            I've talked to a couple friends of mine who also have Verizon (long time Verizon users too) and they tell me that they never receive the texts/alerts from their banks either. However, I haven't been able to ask them yet if text Google works on their phones

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              Long time Verizon customer here and I hate to suggest this because it doesn't solve the core of your problem.

              Sign up for email alerts. Now, that you mention it, I never receive text alerts from B of A (and I remember signing up) but I do receive emails that I retrieve by phone if I am away from a computer.

              However, I do receive both email and text alerts from Capital One and Chase, so nothing proved one way or the other.

              These alerts are for any major transactions, payments received, etc., not sure if that is the type of alerts you are referring to.

              I also hate to suggest it, but you might try a 3rd party app like Handscent (I know nothing about) or search this forum for issues with receiving texts from 10-digit numbers, as opposed to 7-digit numbers. Check out the Moto Droid X forum, too.

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                It's more of the ease of finding out my balance, last few transactions, etc.. All I would have to do is text BAL to the BOA number and it would respond with the balance in my accounts or HIST CHK1234 and it would give me my recent transactions. It's really not a big deal since I recently just downloaded the Bank of America android application but there's the little extra "hassle" of typing in your user name and password each time you want to access your information. I've got the email alerts on it too so I do get alerts via email on my phone.


                I do get the texts from MySpace which come from a 5 digit number and Facebook which come from either a 8 or 5 digit number. However, I think both of those ask what carrier I use when I signed up for them.. Come to think of it, Facebook deactivated my number the night my number was ported over because of the carrier/account change and when I reregistered the number, it asked what carrier I was using. But Google, Yahoo, etc.?



                This really isn't the biggest deal in the world but it's just one of those things that it bugging me a little. I'm starting to wonder if it's something that's purposely done with the phones now to get people to download/use the equivelent android applications, browsers, etc. instead of the text message.



                The funny thing is, when my number was ported over, a handful of my address book contacts seem to have been moved over to my phone too (including Bank of America). It was the contacts that I had open or saved texts with on my old AT&T phone which was a Motorola Backflip (also an android phone).



                I'm not a fan of using third party apps for text.. But I will have to check out the Moto Droid X forum. Thanks!

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                  You won't believe this.. A few minutes after I posted my last message, everything all of a sudden started to work. I can now text bank again. Google , Yahoo , any texting to any of those short numbers and I can now receive messages from them.


                  I'm guessing one of the Verizon Gods read my problem and I'm sure they can figure out who I was based on all the info I gave on here so thanks to whoever fixed my problem!

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                    Maybe it just takes 5 to 7 working days to get everything "lined up".  You know, like it takes 8 to 14 working days for a out of state check to clear when I deposit it....  Haha....  But if I send a Hawaii check to New York, the cash is removed from my account within 2 days..... cuz everything is digital and processed electronically.  (funny how that works on their side of the street but not mine, huh?)



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                      I don't have a Droid, but I am having the same problem. I can't get replies from Google Txt for information or by monthly code from Redbox. I already dialed the * number twice and nothing has worked. I had my number with TMobile for 10 years and it is going on a few weeks that I switched over.

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                        Hi Shortcake, 


                        Are you able to receive messages from other shortcodes, or just Google? Do you know if there is a Premium Messaging Block on your line? If so, this block does not allow messages from 5-digit shortcodes. You are able to check if you have this block by logging in to your My Verizon online account at http://www.vzw.com  and checking the service blocks for the line. Simply click "Manage Service Blocks" for your number in the "More Actions" section in the  "I Want To..." section. 


                        Because you recently ported your number, you may need to send a message to the number, so the Google service knows your mobile number is still active. 


                        Please try these steps and post back with your findings. 


                        Thanks and have a good day!



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                          Hello! I checked the account and saw Premium Msging was blocked. I unblocked it and tried getting a text from Google, but still cannot.

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