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    Samsung 4G Mifi and the 3DS


      I am able to connect to play online with it, but it would disconnect me quite often.  I play a lot of Pokemon Black (hence, my name) and when I play an online match, it would often disconnect when my opponent or myself sends a new team member out.  Is there any way that I can solve this?

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          After reading the other posts in the forum, I realize that my problem is exactly like those who often get disconnected.  I try having another match, then the signal strength goes to zero mid-match, then I get disconnected.  The Samsung unit is right in front of me, it is plugged to the wall, and I already tried the other solution (that is changing the encryption).  It doesn't work.

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            I spoke to a Verizon representative about the random powering off who said that the unit was defective.  So I managed to get the unit exchanged.  However, I still got error messages while playing Pokemon Blackonline, they were in fact two seperate issues after all.  However, I did not encounter any problems playing Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition.  After reading through the wireless router help info on Nintendo's site, I realized that in the case of Pokemon Black, a DS game, only can transmit 1-2 mbps. In other words, it can't handle average 4G speeds.  The 3DS, a much more advanced system (compared to the previous DS lines) can handle it, which is why I was able to play SSFIV 3D, a 3DS game, without a problem online.


            Which brings me to the next question: is there a way that I can manually change the transmission rate of the Samsung 4g LTE unit?  I know how to get on the site which allows you to change the security, passwords, etc., but I don't see anything about transmission rates there. 

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              You are not able to change the transmission rate of the Samsung 4G. Are you having any issues with any other websites? 


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