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    How do you setup the Mobile Hotspot?

      I bet it is in the big online user manual, but how does a person setup the Mobile Hotspot on the Thunderbolt? I haven't had a chance to download the manual yet. :smileyhappy: :smileywink:

      Since the Hotspot is free until May 15th, I thought I would at least try this feature on the phone. My Eris didn't officially support it. There was no way I was going to try it on the Aria.

      So could anyone help a Hotspot noobie out?
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          I've only had my TB for about 4 days, but I'll tell you how I connect. First, if you don't have it yet, download LTE OnOff here. LTE OnOff If this doesn't work, copy and paste this URL: https://market.android.com/details?id=net.andirc.lteonfoff&feature=search_result This will allow you to turn the 4G on and off. Leaving it on all the time drains your battery quickly, so I just turn it on while I have my computer connected, then switch back to the regular 3G when I'm through using the computer.


          Open the LTE OnOff program and click CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto. Then got to Settings>Wireless and networks>Mobile network and make sure that is checked. Then while still iin Wireless & networks, turn on Mobile Hotspot. I have LTE OnOff, Mobile network and Mobile Hotspot all together on one page of my phone so I can turn them all on without having to go into settings each time.


          On your computer, open Networks and hopefully it will have found the TB Mobile Hotspot. If it asks for information, enter the info from the Mobil Hotspot settings and with any luck you'll get connected.


          When you are through using your computer, be sure to turn off the Mobil Hotspot, or it will eat your battery. I always leave my TB connected to the USB port of the computer to keep the phone charged up while I'm surfing.


          Like I said, I've only had mine for about 4 days, so if I left anything out, hopefullly someone will correct me.


          Hope that works



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            Ann it's really easy you press menu > settings > wireless & networks >  Moblie Hotspot settings  ( for your first time setting up don't check to box  next the Mobie Hotspot ). You will see your hotspot settings and here you can see the router name that you will look for on you pc's wireless network connection menu and you'll also see the password you'll need to enter. You can also change your password here if you see fit. Now you check the box next to Mobile Hotspot and your t-bolt will automatically bring up four steps to follow on how to connect to your pc. HIt ok then your home button and the 4G icon should be at the top of you phone and your good to go. 


            Once you have setup this connection on your pc you can have your pc remember the password so next time you connect you only have to turn on the hotspot and can skip the setup menu. I went into my widgets and added the Hotspot widget to my home screen for a really easy one touch on/off. 


            Pat talked a lot about turning off 4G by adding an app but if your in a 4G market I would leave it on to experince the speed of the 4G hotspot. Yes it can drain a battery but so does anything you do with your phone. I recommend plugging the phone into a charger ( if available ) or getting the extended battery if you use the hotspot a lot while on the move. Finally I also recommend turning it off when not in use cause it will kill a battery and theres no need for an open wifi connection that others could possibly tap into. 


            enjoy your T-Bolt,



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              2 ways to get there. U can also press mobile hot spot icon under all apps or u can move the icon to ur main page. U can also do it the way mentioned before my comment.
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                Thanks Gary, I just learned more also. I just mentioned turning on Mobile Network because mine somehow got turned off and it took me a while to figure out why I couldn't connect, so with all three on my desktop, I've got it covered. I'll try leaving the 4g on to see how it affects the battery.



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                  There is a lot of talk about battery life with the t-bolt and at first I was one to voice that ( even with a 2750mAh extended battery ). But I will say there is light at the end of the tunnel. After about three weeks with the device I have found the battery life to actualy conformed to my usage. I dont know if its a very intuitive device or if I just made better charging habits or if it really just needed breaking in I dont know. I do know I live in a 4G saturated area and I refuse to turn it off :-D Glad I could help. One issue I had early on was my internet losing conection and htc instructed me to contat vzw and tell the to "reprovision the sim card". Since I did that I have a few improvements in the device. Maybe give that a try if you feel things aren't exactly right. 



                  "With regards to network hopping - basically the device flips between no data connectivity and 4g/3g. We have been escalating these cases as needed for further analysis as well. In almost all cases, the carrier, being Verizon, has been able to reprovision the SIM card which should fix the issue. If your issue is not fixed by this method, we would like to have your issue escalated, and we would be happy to contact you by phone to perform all the necessary steps and then escalate the issue as required. We do have some examples of this issue at our escalations desk currently, and are working with the developers to narrow down the cause and find a solution as quickly as possible."

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                    Thank you all for the information. I will be giving it a try this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.
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                      I'm marking GreenRobot's post as the solution because it provides the most complete information and allowed me change the settings of the Hotspot including the password. All the other posts provided helpful tips and advice. Thanks!