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    Coverage in St John USVI


      Will I be charged for using my phone or data plan when traveling in St John.  Not sure if the US virgin islands are considered within the nationwide plan.


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          There is very little coverage on St Johns. You will get coverage on the west end via St Thomas. However anywhere else on the island, coverage would be from British VI. That would obviously cost you money.(But you would have to have international services turned on for your device BEFORE going to USVI.)


          Will you be charged on the west end? I would say no as I was never charged when I was on St Croix, however a VZW employee on here stated I should have been.

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            The Nationwide plan includes no roaming or long distance charges while traveling in any U.S. state. Since US Virgin Islands is a U.S. territory not an actual state, it would not be included. You can make/receive calls with your existing phone for $1.99/minute. I'm happy to say that all messaging (text, picture, video) and data usage considered domestic; therefore, usage will be included in your existing messaging/data plans with no additional roaming charges. This includes St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix where service is available. You can reference the International page for these details:




            I hope this was helpful and has resolved your concerns. 

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              Gina, as I stated I have never had any add'l charges while on St Croix and calls were sorted correctly...N&W, M2M, F&F, .......... Even used data and there were not any add'l charges.


              So things have changed since Jan 2010 or info has not been updated.

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                Thank you for your input budone. As stated, the updated information about the coverage and rates provided by Gina is correct and we stand by our colleague. We do not question what you may have been charged in the past, but please refer to the link as it does cover the matter. Things do change from time to time as you well know can be the case. We would appreciate your feed back as a great community leader. I reach out to thank you personally for your assistance and consideration in your response. 

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                  One additional question on this.  I'm in St, John on vacation.  If I make my phone a wifi Hot Spot for my laptop or IPAD since I am not actually making a phone call then I am not going to pay additional charges?  Just want to clarify.  Thanks

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                    Sorry for the late reply, but I hope you are enjoying your vacation. Since St. John is part of the US Virgin Islands, data rates are considered domestic and there would be no additional data roaming charges. If you already have the hotspot feature on your account, you will just be billed the $20 for 2GB of data as normal. You are only charged for calls if you make or receive a call. You can view roaming rates here:http://b2b.vzw.com/international/Roaming/Caribbean/St%20John.html#rates.