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    activating old phone using *228


      I have lost my phone and have just activated my old one using teh *228 feature.  I don't think anyone has my lost phone and I don't really care about replacing it because it was a hand-me-down and I didn't like it that much anyway.  I'm just wondering after using this *228 feature, what is happening to my lost phone?  Is it still activated so that if someone does find it they can use it?  If so, how do I get it "unactivated"?


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          Once you activated the old phone, the phone that was lost is dead but could be activated again undera new number. I would have called and informed VZW the phone was lost so it could not be used.


          The biggest worry is someone getting any pertinent info....address, name, they will know your phone number, and email address' and contacts.

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            As budone said, activating your new phone will automatically take the old one off your number/account. However, I would highly advise you call CS and report it as lost so that someone can't take it and activate it on their line. If someone finds it, they have access to all your contacts, pictures, music, ringtones, saved passwords if you have them, email, etc. that is on the phone currently. Just keep that in mind.

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              Thank you both!  Will contact Verizon and report it lost.

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                Thank you Community Members for posting very helpful information.


                I'm following up to make sure that you were able to reach us directly so we could place the lost phone on the lost/stolen list to prevent activation to another account.


                Please call us directly at 1-800-922-0204, option 3 for assistance.  


                Going forward, if your device is lost or stolen, you may suspend your service to avoid unauthorized use. There are two methods to suspend your service:


                • Sign in to My Verizon, and choose the Suspend/Resume Service link under Quick Links on the Overview page. You will then be guided through the steps to either Suspend or Resume your service.


                • Dial (800) 922-0204 from any phone and complete this task via our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

                If your bill shows charges to your phone after the loss but before you reported it, and you want a credit for those charges, we will investigate your account activity. You do not have to pay the charges you dispute while they are being investigated to determine whether the charges resulted from usage by someone not authorized to use the phone. Further, if we haven’t given you a courtesy suspension of recurring monthly fees within the prior year, we’ll give you one for 30 days, or until you replace or recover your wireless phone, whichever comes first. You may need to provide further information regarding the theft or loss if we ask for it. 


                For some additional useful information, please visit the link below:


                Lost or Stolen Phone FAQ's



                Thank you.