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    Network extender choppy phone calls


      I haven't found an answer so thought I would ask. I have had the network extender for a few weeks and have great reception but frequently when I make a call the person I call comes in clear but they can't understand a single word I'm saying, a VERY CHOPPY pulse. This has also happened the other way when either my husband or I call home but more often calling out. We both have druid incredible's. I have actually had to unplug the extender if I have an important call to make. Can anyone help? One thread suggested not to download anything but I don't think that is my problem. 


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          Network extender works like VoIP (voice over ip) so if you have a weak internet connection or there is a lot of bandwith being used you will experince choppy calls. Similiar to skype if you have ever used it..


          I would test it with a few calls with no one using your internet and see if you still have similiar issues

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            I never did thank you for you help. I think I resolved the issue other then what we were doing by disconnecting everything we could to make a call. We upgraded our modem /router to an N modem/ router  and it seems to be working. Did downloading while making a call to test and it worked.

            Thank you so much


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              If the other party can't hear you, then DOWNloading isn't the issue.

              You may still want to make sure your router can do QoS or uplink prioritizing or some such. Basically, you want to give any VoIP devices first shot at the uplink. You'd want to do the same for downlink, except that the place where you'd have the opportunity to do so would be in the ISP's router. By the time the packets reach your house it's too late.